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Have you ever been threatened emotionally, financially or physically by someone?

Have you ever known someone who hurt you just because you did not see things their way?

Have you ever been threatened emotionally, financially or physically by someone?

This is called exploitation and we all need to know the warning signs so we can enforce boundaries and avoid being hurt by those who believe they have a right to harm another.

Not one of us has ever been put on planet earth to suffer the abuse of another person.

We may not know this in our gut, and we won't if as children we were treated with little to no regard.

It is time to hold onto the self and to know the self as divine, worthy and valid!
From there, we consciously recognize the need to protect ourselves from predator personalities because, HELLO, they do freaking exist. And sadly sometimes they are the ones who have been endowed to protect us!
I am not saying we need to live in fear...I am saying we need to live CONSCIOUSLY and AWARE.

There is no need to hate anyone...but we do need to love the self and honor what we feel when our instincts are telling us there is a snake in the room.
When that snake turns out to be our own blood, then it is up to the community to enfold this person who has been wounded by the very people who were meant to protect them.

Far too many abused adult children keep quiet when they are abused by parents, siblings or loved ones because society does not want to believe such evil truths exist.

But they do...

Let us never shame an abused adult child and instead understand their pain!

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