Nov 03, 2018

The Pathway to Enlightenment

by Lisa A. Romano

enlightenment higher consciousness the mind

We are confused and rightfully so.

The ego and the brain cause us to falsely believe in a unilateral experience that is framed in seconds and moments in time.

We think that what is happening now is happening now only because of what is happening now.

Our psyche, nervous system, and all other systems of the body are overrun by external stimuli which triggers internal stimuli to become activated. As a result, our subconscious beliefs and preconceptions are in control.

Our real self observes silently, like an eagle perched on a high branch, until the psyche begins to awaken to the self.

Our childhood experiences matter. The body, as well as memory, have recorded each experience of each stage of our childhood. Each stage of our childhood was experienced by a child with a unique perspective and that perspective depended greatly upon many factors, like our age, parental influences, socioeconomic conditions, stress levels, nurturing and or the lack of nurturing.

The younger we were, the more powerless we felt and the deeper and more traumatic did we experience ANY experience and ANY alarming stimuli.

All has been recorded. Each stage and each mind has been downloaded and yet, as adults, many of us believe what happened before we were 12 months old matters not.

We do not have just one mind. That is an illusion. Within this one amazing, neurological, electrical, vibrational, changing, adapting body are many rooms and many minds.

The mind is like a tall building with many rooms and each room has a different view or perspective. Only when we accept what has happened in those rooms can we make it to the penthouse and finally embrace all that is below so we can live the abundant life we deserve.

This is enlightenment.

Step by step we investigate each mind, each perspective, like an investigator turning over some leaves in a forest looking for clues.

As we investigate the many rooms or the many minds, we begin experiencing an integration of the past which is felt through the body and experienced as a feeling of peace.

Through willingness, we learn to appreciate and understand the multi-dimensional selves that we are until we reach the penthouse we ALL deserve.

NONE of us get to take the elevator--all of us gain enlightenment the hard way--step by step, resting along the way, sometimes taking two steps back, sometimes tripping along the way, sometimes stumbling down a flight or two; eye on the goal.

Denial does not work. Trust me, I have tried.