Feb 06, 2020

Having emotions are normal and valid. Learning to Master Your Emotions is priceless.

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency emotions victim

I am not 'playing the victim' when I admit that as a child I was brainwashed to believe my emotions were irrelevant and that the more I tried to pretend I did not have feelings, the crazier, lonelier and more terrified I felt.

Far too often people who do not understand that in order to heal an emotion you must feel an emotion, judge those who are struggling to validate why they feel the way they do.

I have heard people tell others 'to suck it up -- get over the past -- stop whining -- it is time to put your adult panties back on' and so on.

While there is a seed of truth in what people like these are saying: we all need to eventually get to a place where we understand that the only person who can help us move past the past is us, shaming others for struggling to process experiences they were denied the right to experience is ignorant, judgmental, unnecessary, and just plain wrong.

Emotions motivate EVERY decision, thought, action, desire, word, and inactions we can experience.

When our emotions are running wild and we have no mental tools to process what we are feeling, our brain, body, mind, and spirit can short-circuit.

Emotions are normal and valid.

Learning to Master Your Emotions is priceless.

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