Aug 26, 2020

Emotional abuse is invisible but it packs a punch to our nonphysical systems

by Lisa A. Romano

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Emotional abuse is invisible but it packs a punch to our nonphysical systems like our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Abuse is defined as any action designed to cause another person harm.
Emotional abuse is used as a means to gain entry inside someone's mind. When an abuser has gained enough power over their victims, the abuser does not have to work as hard to gain control.

Learned helplessness is a state in which victims learn to believe there is no way out. Fighting back has proven futile and often, exasperated abuse.
Dark personalities push for the day when they have successfully nudged their victims over the learned helplessness finish line. Past this line, is an invisible dungeon where the mental bodies of the victim and the abuser live. No one else can see this dungeon which makes the abuse victim feel lost, forgotten, and powerless.

Hope is the golden milk abuse survivors need in order to peel off the shame, fear, and confusion caused by emotional abuse long enough to create a space where the light of truth can assist the abuse victim to understand what has taken place is NOT THEIR FAULT.

Shame, lifted ever so slightly becomes a torch that lights the way over the threshold of that invisible dungeon.

The goal of recovery from emotional abuse is to be able to successfully integrate the past without continually feeling stained and blamed for the past.
We learn to pin the tail on the donkey and offer compassion, understanding, and GRACE to the most innocent parts of ourselves that were exploited by dark energies.

Dark energies rebuke the light.
The truth is the light.
The truth is beautiful.
It was not your fault.
You are really enough.
You are worthy.
You have always been worthy.
When we return to the self, we learn to be the mother to our inner child, we always deserved and needed.
Stay safe out there everybody.