Feb 28, 2020

Do you tend to avoid allowing people in?

by Lisa A. Romano

acoa intimacy selfcare

Abused adult children often pay more attention to what they don’t want vs what they do want. We struggle to say YES to things, because we don’t feel worthy, or because we fear having and then possibly losing.

Sometimes we stick with NO because we don’t know how to say YES. We say NO because we fear losing control, or appearing selfish, or we worry about what other people will think.

Learning to love the self must include learning to say YES.

We need to say YES to help, to good food, to exercising, to nourishing our spirits, to educating our minds, to telling the truth, and to letting other people in.

One of our biggest struggles has to do with intimacy. Lots of times we say NO to intimacy and vulnerability because it is just too damn scary to say YES to allowing people to get close.

This weekend, see if you can find a way to be just a little more vulnerable. If there is someone you appreciate, maybe give them a call and open your heart by saying ‘Thank you’. Perhaps send a handwritten note to someone who you think exemplifies awesome qualities. Say YES to opening up your heart and to letting love out and to letting love in.

Do you tend to avoid allowing people in?

Are you willing to TRY and say YES to being vulnerable this weekend, and if so, with whom and why?

Please share with us if doing so resonates with you.