May 25, 2020

Depression is real and often a sign that one has struggled to feel enough

by Lisa A. Romano

depression enough

Depression is real and often a sign that one has struggled to feel enough, connect to their emotions, others, and to the idea that it is possible to make life amazing.

In the height of my depression, I was unconscious to how powerless I believed I was and how codependent I was on those around me. I felt and believed I was stuck.

I did not believe I was enough or worthy and below the veil of consciousness, were programs leading me to believe and act as if I needed others to approve or validate me.

All my beliefs were backwards and did not support life. Instead, I consistently believed my power was outside of me. I begged for approval and worked my fingers to the bone to make others happy. I suppressed my own needs and grew angrier, more resentful and in time collapsed.

If you have ever suffered from depression, have you ever considered it a symptom of something deeper, and if so, what did you discover?

How would your perception of depression change if you considered it a symptom or possibly the whisper of Spirit guiding you to love the self rather than judge, condemn, or deny the self?

Today, I don’t battle depression. I listen to it and ask it to reveal to me what I need to change, validate, understand, empathize with, surrender to, accept, or let go.

Be still and know you are ENOUGH!