Nov 19, 2020

You're Human Darling -- Embrace It

by Lisa A. Romano

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Your Divine Innate Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

We need to be careful. The world is becoming more reliant on artificial intelligence and it is happening right under our noses. 

Why should you care?

Imagine this -- we have scientists and engineers working to program robots to attune themselves to humans, and yet, most of us are tuned OUT from the self. 

How is it, within each of us is innate potential, far greater than any form of artificial intelligence, and yet, so few of us know how to tap into that divine intelligence?

If you are an adult child from a less than nurturing home, you may have been 'programmed' to detach from your emotions. 

  • Your home was hostile, unpredictable and you felt unsafe
  • Your parents were addicts, narcissistic and ignored your needs
  • You were abused emotionally, mentally, physically, and or sexually
  • You were humiliated for crying
  • You were guilted for having a need
  • You were shamed publicly and embarrassed as a form of punishment
  • You were denied adequate medical care 
  • You were unsupported mentally, physically, and or emotionally 
  • You learned early on no one cared about how you were feeling
  • You learned early that sharing emotions caused more trouble for you so you learned to deny you had emotions at all

As a consequence of growing up with parents who were self absorbed and ego driven, you may have been programmed to 'fear your emotions'. Today, you may cling to others, push them away, or behave aggressively towards them as a result. 

None of this is your fault by the way!

What do you See?

Look around you.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you believe?

What have you been 'programmed' to believe about yourself, the world and others?

Be careful now, and remember that programs are NOT you, and instead they are what you have been programmed to believe. 

Do you believe you are the color of your skin, your age, gender, religion, your face, your career, your wealth or poverty?

Do you believe you are your memories, your wounds, or your history?

Do you believe what you hear and see on television?

From what sources have you gathered your intelligence from?


Observe what you think?

What do you observe yourself believing about emotions, experiences, yourself or others?

What beliefs do you hold around feelings of sadness, grief, shame, loneliness, depression, and anxiety?

Have you found beliefs within you that cause you to consider emotions such as these  bad or wrong?

Beliefs are Not Facts -- They are Programs

If you hold beliefs that cause you to judge emotions as good or bad, you will remain in resistance to your innate intelligence. Resistance to any emotion you observe will prevent you from tapping into the natural forces of life, growth, and abundance. 

And Dear One, living in fear is what every narcissist wishes for their victims at the interpersonal level, corporate level or global level.

Separateness is an Illusion and a Tactic Used by Dark Forces

If you believe in separateness, you can be easily persuaded to fear those who differ from you in some superficial, meaningless way. 

  • Have you ever truly hated someone who rooted for a different sports team than you?
  • Have you ever truly disliked someone you did not know because of their religion?

Darling, who taught you to hate, fear, condemn, or find fault in those unlike you or your family?

Who taught you to believe grief is wrong, or that shame is an experience you should run from, deny, or seek to diminish through people-pleasing or pushing relationships away?

Who taught you to separate your divine self from your emotions and to believe there is something wrong with you if and when you experience particular difficult emotions?

Retreat to the Stillness Within

In a matrix that becomes more controlled by illusions each and everyday, be certain you celebrate what makes you human Darling!

Before the world is run entirely on artificial intelligence, and robots that feel and look like humans end up in our kitchens, bathrooms, and maybe even our beds, CLING to what makes you human Darling, and embrace it all!

And before the dark energies have us all scratching each other's eyes out for their own dark gain, let us all remember we are each human after all. What separates us has nothing to do with our gender, or skin tone.

What separates us are ideas and beliefs that have been orchestrated for a particular narcissistic gain.  The truth is, there is no such thing as separation in the quantum world and at our core, at the subatomic level we are all light!

Divide and Conquer

A narcissistic partner or parent seeks to dominate and control. This dominance and power is achieved through separation. When a victim is forced to separate from the divine self, they lose contact with their emotional body. In time, a victim will learn to distrust this divine intelligence. The narcissist has successfully divided the victim from themselves and can now mold the victim into the character of their ego driven desire. 

Let No Man Separate You From Your Divine Humanness

There are those drunk on the idea of flooding the world with robots, machines built to try and make our lives easier and more productive. We are moving towards an age where humanness is threatened by so called innovation, and if we are not careful, our emotions may be used against us without us even realizing it. 

Those who wish to control you, infuse you with fear without your conscious awareness. 

  • Do you fear aging?
  • Do you fear not having enough money?
  • Do you fear you are not good enough?
  • Do you fear being alone?
  • Do you fear a group?
  • Do you fear what you cannot control?
  • Do you fear what other people think?
  • Do you fear what you do not understand?
  • Do you fear getting ill?
  • Do you fear death?

The point is, the fear state is a state of being that can be easily manipulated by others. When in fear, the brain shifts into survival mode which is not always the most rationale state of mind. Our mind will work to justify whatever it is we fear and if we have a group of people or an individual willing to pour gasoline on those fears for their own gain, we become frightened sheep!

May you cling to natural and innate intelligence and see through the illusions dark powers create on the daily.

Embrace your emotions. Process them fully, yet never ATTACH to them. Permit yourself the RIGHT to be HUMAN DARLING, EMBRACE EVERYTHING and then let that shit go!

THIS is HOW you tap into your greatest NATURAL human intelligence and potential.

Fear No Thing, and remember, dark energies work in the realm of fear and their dark energies grows when you rebuke and refuse to embrace what makes you human!

Whatever you feel darling Embrace IT!


Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, and YouTube Vlogger specializing in codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery. She is also one of the most listened to meditation teachers on the world’s largest meditation app Insight Timer.  Lisa creates real-life tools to help people evolve past their traumas so they can live in peace, achieve success, and create harmony in their lives regardless of painful past events. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program has helped thousands of people learn to regulate their emotions, heal from painful pasts, including negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs. Adult children of alcoholics and those raised by narcissistic parents are learning to find their way back to the love they were denied as children through Lisa’s transformational work.

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Lisa's work helps awaken people to the idea that what is wrong is not them, it is only their programming. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Healing Coaching Program takes members through three months of reprogramming. Lisa creates supportive, nurturing communities and then offers members access to healing resources like training videos and self-hypnosis meditations, along with weekly group calls and access to her and her team.


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