Feb 07, 2020

Codependency is Like Having False Gods

by Lisa A. Romano

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If you believe in the concept of a Creator, you must also believe that what has created you lies within you and cannot be separated.
But what happens to us when the very essence of what we believe has created us, we turn against?
Are we not then, turning against the self as well as the powerful source of all that is?
When as children, for any reason we are unable to properly attach or secure our emotional selves to our caretakers and primarily our mother, we experience the non-attachment on every level.
As adults, we must make it our mission to return to the only source of healing love that can save us now.
The power to heal is not outside of you. It was always inside of you.
It was your parent's job to activate that source within you by aligning you with love.
Now, it is your time to come into full acknowledgment of the idea that you were never not enough and that YOU at your core are an extension of the Creator of all that is.
Separation is an illusion.
As you heal, you must learn to stop putting false gods before you. Make no one the boss over you and give no one the power to pull you away from the truth.
You are love. You are worthy of love. And you are enough.
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