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It is possible to become comfortable in one's own skin

Wisdom is timeless.

As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall be.

Who has ever entered this time-space reality and not yearned to be comfortable in their own skin?

The illogicality of this desired premise is the notion that our comfortability depends on our skin itself.

Yet, many a fine beauty has felt vile in her own skin. So then, what beings yearn for cannot be found in the flesh and blood of the material world.

What we are after, is non-physical--invisible--and vibrational in nature.

All creatures crave harmony from within. Harmony is a word that is used mostly to describe pleasing music and or sounds. Harmony--sound--music--are all vibrational in nature. What beings seek is vibrational harmony from within its own being.

It is possible to become comfortable in one's own skin, even if one's own skin is not comfortable.

It is not possible to achieve harmony from within without accepting what is the current state.

It is not possible to heal from within, without first accepting where one is first.

If you are not happy, or if you believe you have been broken, that is alright. It is better to accept that one is broken and then take steps to achieve wholeness than to deny ones current reality and thus create an incongruent emotional state of being.

Falsely believing that one needs others to validate one's current state, is like falsely presuming one needs permission from another to breath.

Allow what is, even if what is--is uncomfortable...and then allow your self the permission to slip into being comfortable with what is...

See your self...and Free your self...


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