Dec 02, 2018

College Students Learning About the Self

by Lisa A. Romano

college students expanding consciousness

We teach our College Students about economics and statistics. We think by preparing them to 'work in a field of their choice that we are preparing them for life but that is not the case.  Preparing someone to be effective at a skill is not the same as preparing them for life, and since all life is centered upon the one life--living the life, it is essential we expand our understanding of what it means to prepare children for life. 

I was honored to be invited to speak to some College Students about Codependency, Unhealthy Attachments, and the Self.  It was a complete humble pleasure to be asked such thought provoking questions and to have College Students walk away wondering things like, "Why am I valuable? What makes me valuable? Why am I worthy?"

My hope was to expand the consciousness of these amazing students with ideas that allowed them to feel connected to the idea that they are valuable simply because they exist and that the things that they choose to do in life, are just opportunities to bring their innate and unique gifts to the world. 

We need to help prepare children for the world by helping them reconnect to the self and their emotions. Far too many young adults have no clue how they feel or how important it is to always value what one feels and thinks.