May 18, 2020

Codependents DOUBT they have a RIGHT to FEEL

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency codependent feeling

We all KNOW the TRUTH.
We all KNOW when we are being abused by the way we feel--BUT--we don't always believe we do NOT deserve to be mistreated.

Sometimes, because abuse has been our norm, we simply don't recognize narcissistic abuse as a real 'thing'.

When we have been conditioned to NOT see the self--and to NOT honor the self--we don't, not because we don't want to, but because we DO NOT know how to honor the self--or believe we have the RIGHT to.

We may want to set a boundary--but may be at a loss as to how--or we fear what might happen if we do set a boundary.

This codependency thing is NO joke!

It kills our souls, our minds, our bodies.

It keeps us attracting narcissistic abuse and blind as to how or why we are unable to gain the love we seek.

It can destroy families--cause wars between countries--and has the potential to keep man asleep FOREVER.

Codependency is as dangerous as a drug--but--at least with drugs and alcohol you can SEE and TOUCH the problem.

Codependency--can NOT be seen or touched.

It is a way of relating to the world--that is subjective, internal, elusive, and intangible.

Narcissists abuse codependents through a sense of entitlement that serves to exploit the victim. Often times codependents are so unaware as to what is happening to them, they fall deep into rabbit holes of depression, and anxiety.

The narcissist is so convinced they are right, and the codependent struggles so intensely with feelings of unworthiness, that it is sadly the norm for a codependent person to assume they are wrong for feeling the way they do.

Codependents DOUBT they have a RIGHT to FEEL abused. Many codependents unconsciously feel as if they requre PERMISSION to feel what they feel, which a narcissist, of course will never give them.

Healing from codependency requires an awakening; a shift in the way one views the world and the self.

This shift can happen simply by asking yourself, "How do I feel?"

• How do you feel this morning Dear One?
• Are you being abused?
• How do you know?
• How does your body tell you this is so?
• What are you afraid of?

Call it out into the LIGHT because that is your RIGHT!

And you will discover that as you draw light into your experience--you become one with the LIGHT as well.


Today, imagine what your life would look and feel like, if you allowed yourself to HONOR how you feel.

It's Not You--It's Your Programming.