May 25, 2018

Codependency-The Silent Epidemic and Addiction

by Lisa A. Romano

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Codependency is everywhere. It is in our media, our newspapers, and on our airwaves. In obvious as well as covert ways we as a people are being brainwashed to worry more about what others think about us than what we think about ourselves. In addition, we are bombarded with subliminal messages that cause us to unconsciously fear being alone, unworthy, and definitely not enough.

From Cinderella to so called 'Reality TV' we consumers--consume the garbage we observe without as much as a 'WTF?'

We get sucked into the codependent dramas we witness on television and in the movies and rarely stop to think, "Hey wait a minute. What did I just absorb into my freakin' psyche right now?"

In overt as well as covert ways we the individuals--that in all make up the masses are being hypnotized to believe we are not enough. We are so not enough--we need to take diet pills, get lash extensions, study porn for the latest sex positions, say yes when we wish we could say no, have the perfect marriage, raise the smartest kids, drive the right car, have a ton of money in the bank, obtain job security, and of course somehow never, ever get crows feet.

Botox, silicone and Zanex--oh my!

The illusions we ingest are dysfunctional.

The nonsense we observe and absorb in the media is far from 'reality'. But unfortunately, it is entertaining and for some--intoxicating, and of course it sells.

What better way of creating commerce by hypnotizing people into believing they are not enough.

By doing so--we gain control over the minds of others--keep them wanting--train them to believe they are dissatisfied--create conflict within the minds of the beings--and thus--keep them buying those diet pills, craving those anti depressants, engaging in affairs which create chaos and ring the registers of lawyers, judges and court systems, keep them fighting to make more money--to buy more things--to create more revenue to line the pockets of the elite few.

In addition, we create the illusion of utopia--the perfect child--the perfect marriage--the perfect body--the perfect relationship--the perfect face--and thus--brainwash people to crave what is unattainable--so to keep them on the hook, like a fish dangling off a lure.

Codependency is the silent epidemic. It is also the not so obvious addiction that is at the core of many mental health issues being treated today.

Although most people may be unaware we as a society are programmed to believe 'we are not enough'--at same time--without our conscious acknowledgment--we are being programmed to believe that the standards 'others' set for us--is the standard we should be reaching for.

What must extra terrestrials think about us earthlings?

What must they think about all of us who so easily become hypnotized by what we watch on television? What must they think about all of us ( and I have been guilty of it myself) who run out and copycat the styles of clothing a particular celebrity wears? What must they think about all of us who run out and paralyze our facial muscles with Botox for the sake of minimizing wrinkles? (which by the way--we do because we worry about how others will judge us (( so totally in our heads))?

And what about all of us who get caught up in thinking and believing that the images of love we see in the media is the way love is supposed to be?


Romeo and Juliet??? Really???

Cinderella and the Prince who found her shoe??? Really???

The Housewives of reality TV??? Really???

Rhianna and Chris Brown???


Sex in the City kind of love???


Kanye and you know who???


And what the hell are we women supposed to look like nowadays? What hypnotic pill have we all been fed recently that defines for our American society--that which is considered attractive and 'in' these days?

That's right--if we go by today's hypnotic standards our asses should all look like flotation devices--otherwise--we are not enough. Enough for what? For someone else's validation? Our asses should be as hefty as a side of beef otherwise--we don't measure up? To whom? For what? Who wrote that script anyway?

Oh my gosh!

Unfortunately not enough of us wake up and question what we are allowing to enter our psyches. Unfortunately moms today often do not realize that by not loving themselves, they are infusing their daughters with doses of low self esteem. Unfortunately we parents today do not realize that when we whine about aging and the few extra pounds that come along with aging--we are conditioning our children to fear--getting older, what other people think about us getting older--and in essence--that they--as they are--at whatever stage in life they are at--is not enough.

For anyone courageous enough to have read this article through to the end...I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to possibly have you question what you allow to enter into your mind.


And if you dare--turn off the TV--don't even read the covers of those rag magazines--and go on a news fast.


You are loved...we are one...