Feb 09, 2019

Codependency Recovery-What to Expect

by Lisa A. Romano

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Namaste Dear Ones!

Nobody ever tells us this, but they should.  On the path to emotional sobriety, we will be faced with ALL OF OUR FEARS!  Our ego will be challenged and every one of our wounds will be activated.  We will be confronted with choices we once prayed we'd never have to make. 

Will we choose them, or will we choose ourselves?

Will we stay quiet, or will be rock the boat?

Will we stay, or will we walk away?

Will we react and lash out, or will we surrender and accept what we cannot change?

Will we people-please, fawn and dissociate, or will we walk through the fear of making changes that will require us to face our fear of being alone?

Lions and frikin' tigers and bears--OH MY!

The road to recovery and healing from codependency is a path to enlightenment.

When we suffer from the fear of abandonment, we do not realize we are living below the veil of consciousness as ego clings tightly to conditioned behaviors it was powerless to control while these behaviors were being learned. 

As we awaken, ego is challenged to face ALL OF THOSE frikin' defense mechanisms it clung to just to get through a damn day!


The journey towards healing from codependency is the MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGE EVER--because it means we will be challenged to FACE all of the coping skills and defense mechanisms that once made our world feel safe and tolerable!

Don't fool yourself into thinking healing from the fears, beliefs, and behaviors that once kept you feeling safe is going to be easy.  

Healing from codependency is incredibly painful and it takes warrior-like strength to breakthrough!