Oct 04, 2022

This is Why You Are Codependent

by Lisa A. Romano

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Codependency Recovery 

In this video, you will learn about some of the codependency recovery steps you can use to learn how to stop being codependent in your relationships.  Codependency has been described as a loss of self, leading to self-abandonment. If you are a codependent person, you focus on others at the expense of yourself and may believe your unhappiness is the fault of others. 

Codependency is rooted in the subconscious mind, so it is difficult to heal even when conscious of symptoms. Healing from codependency demands a raise in consciousness. Once you identify you are suffering from symptoms of codependency, you will need to begin a self-healing journey that will require you to set healthy boundaries and let go of trying to fix other people's problems. 

This is Why You Are Codependent

If you are codependent, you may have grown up in a home that felt unsafe and unpredictable. Your emotions were most likely treated with indifference, and the people you loved emotionally neglected you. Perhaps your mother and father were codependent. Or maybe you were raised by alcoholics or adult children of alcoholics that have never addressed their codependency issues. The key is to understand how feeling emotionally abandoned can lead to feelings of unworthiness. Developing people-pleasing, perfectionistic, fixer personalities are ways in which codependent people cope with their fear of abandonment. 

If we can fix you, heal you, or get you to need us, then maybe you won't leave us, and just maybe you'll help us believe we are worthy after all. 

The good news is when you heal from codependency, you learn to live an empowered, self-directed, deeply fulfilling life free of dramatic reactive attachments to others. In this space, our ego has dissolved, and our spirits can direct our lives with purpose. 

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