Jun 02, 2019

Codependency Recovery Awakens the Creator Within

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency recovery consciousness law of attraction meditation mindfulness

I had no clue I was NOT awake when my mind was swirling and my body was failing. Every breath hurt and every step felt like the weight of the world was on my back when I was living below the veil of consciousness.

And if you had told me, "Lisa, you're asleep--you can wake up now--you can honor your self, live your life, make healthy decisions, end toxic relationships, stop caring what other people think about you, and live a life of peace, calm, confidence, spirituality, abundance, joy, fun, and fulfillment" I would have said, "Girl, you're batshit crazy.

Today, I know better, but that is only because I learned to appreciate the power of surrendering to the idea that THOUGHTS DO BECOME THINGS--and that MOST people are freaking ASLEEP, UNCONSCIOUS, living from the viewpoint of the pain-body or the WOUNDED EGO!

Lions and tigers and bears--OH MY!

It is not our fault the mind is both conscious and unconscious at the same time. Learning to appreciate that the mind can be unconscious and the personality can assume it is conscious, holds within this new understanding UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Unconsciousness is a veil that can be pierced. Piercing it, however, can be tricky because to do so we must learn to face our own vulnerabilities, mortality, wounds, and fears. But when you learn to accept the duality of the world as well as the mind, you can communicate more efficiently with the laws that govern this universe. ⠀⠀

You got this!⠀

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