May 28, 2019

Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Codependency Recovery Program-Review

by Lisa A. Romano

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A huge THANK YOU to Michele for her beautiful testimonial.

I am sure many young moms can relate to feeling overwhelmed by trauma, codependency, work, school and the day to day responsibilities of life, especially when our spiritual toolbox is fairly empty.

When we have not been nurtured, it is all but impossible to nurture the self. Add a few narcissistic, abusive, toxic relationships in the mix, and it is not difficult to see how heavy a life experience can become. We can all relate to how much more difficult life becomes when we add a child or two as well.

Lions and tigers and bears OH FREAKING MY!

When we do not know HOW TO address an overwhelming emotion, what choices do we have?

We suppress, deny, avoid, react, dissociate, fawn, work, yell, and do whatever we can to manage the tension or the anxiety that shows up when we are unable to find relief from the feelings we are feeling.

And that is NOT our fault.

Luckily, there is a way out, although the road can be bumpy at times, there is definitely a roadmap we can follow to help us turn our lives completely around.

Michele not only turned HER life around, she turned her daughter's life around as well. Because of Michele's commitment to working to get through to the other side of trauma and codependency, her life is drawing in all the abundance she always deserved.

Do you have goosebumps yet?

Me too!

As many of you know, I host my online 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program twice throughout the year. Our first class of 2019 just completed and the BREAKTHROUGHS are tremendous!

Just wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested in learning more about what I offer throughout the year, you know this program is launching soon.

Chin up--we GOT THIS!

The last class of 2019 will relaunch August 15th, 2019. To learn more you can visit