Feb 17, 2019

Love Deficit Disorder Creates Codependency

by Lisa A. Romano

broken heart codependency lack of self love love deficit low self esteem

All human children require connection and to be attuned to loving parents and caretakers and when that does not happen there is a dis-order in the natural evolutionary process of the human being.

This is not OUR fault. LOVE is a requirement for a healthy life.

LOVE is required for healthy brain growth, and the ability to trust others as well as the self.

If you have been abused since childhood, codependency, low self-worth, shame, guilt, anxiety, the inability to trust yourself and others are symptoms of LOVE DEFICIT DISORDER!

If you suffer from self-love deficit that’s because you FIRST suffered LOVE DEFICIT DISORDER and that is not your fault.

It is my hope, that as human consciousness expands, so does the understanding of the cause of symptoms rather than just focusing on the outcomes of causes.

Codependency is a symptom and it has definitive causative agents--none of which are the fault of the one suffering from codependency.

How many of you believe that the root of most of our suffering is caused by LOVE DEFICIT DISORDER?

May we one day love ourselves so much that we find the strength to look within and see in ourselves what is missing so we can learn to give to ourselves what we always deserved; LOVE!

May we as parents recognize the many ways in which we were denied LOVE so that we can undo what has been done to us and help heal future generations.

May we as children of parents who were unaware they were unaware learn to forgive those who knew not what they were doing (and even those who eerily did know what they were doing) so that we can free ourselves so we can LOVE ourselves.

It is TIME to get our mind, body, thoughts, actions, intentions, and heart spaces back in alignment with LOVE!


LOVE, however, is the precursor to all beautiful things~

MAY you stop DENYING yourself the LOVE you always DESERVED!

PEACE to you my brothers and sisters today and always!


Lisa A. Romano