Nov 11, 2018

Codependent Confession

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency codependent

Codependents are those of us who have grown up detached and dissociated from the divine self, who have learned to ignore our inner child, and who have been conditioned to behave in ways that allow us to exist without really existing.

We are people who have felt emotionally ignored, despised, devalued, neglected, and disregarded, who today, are learning that fawning, rescuing, lying, and denying our true desires leads to depression, anxiety, resentment, chronic illnesses, inflammation, divorce, cheating, and toxic relationships.

The older we get we begin understanding that praying others will read our minds so we don't have to dare risk telling our truth, only wastes our precious Creator Given-Limited time on this miraculous planet called Earth.

Healing from this EPIDEMIC called CODEPENDENCY begins with telling our truth at least to ourselves. Confessing our truth to ourselves can be scary because we have been conditioned to gain the validation and attachment to others at all costs. Telling our truth threatens these 'attachments' and naturally sounds the alarm in our brain.

Telling our truth is one thing, learning to sit in it without freaking the hell out and falling back into old dysfunctional behaviors is another.

Today, do what you can to at least, begin getting honest about yourself to yourself.

Do you expect people to read your mind so you don't have to risk opening up and appearing vulnerable?

Do you rescue others as a way to avoid dealing with your own emotions?

Do you clean, obsess, work, fawn, or busy yourself so you don't have to feel your feelings or confront an issue you know you should?

Do you try to control everyone and everything so you don't have to feel so powerless?

Do you take care of others, see yourself as the 'good one' and then feel within your right to point the finger at those you believe are not as self-sacrificing as you are?

Oh boy--that last one stings!!!!!!

Healing from codependency the proper way requires that you turn your soul inside out like you do your pant pockets at the end of a night to empty them of loose change.

NO unhealthy belief or behavior gets left behind.

This is the work of SPIRITUAL WARRIORS!!!!