Apr 06, 2020

Childhood Programming and the Subconscious Mind

by Lisa A. Romano

childhood programming trauma

It is so easy to forget that within ever cell of our being is the same galactic stuff that makes up the STARS in our sky!

You are LIGHT Dear One!

At your atomic core, you, me, everyone, and everything is LIGHT.

So why is there so much chaos on the playing field of people’s minds?

Why does there seem to be so much fear on our planet?

Why can’t we seem to find the love we seek and instead find unpleasantness no matter how hard we try?

Ahh…Dear Ones…never forget you are both a DIVINE SPIRIT and a HUMAN BEING.

You have come to MASTER the limitations of the survival mechanisms that are the DEFAULT settings of man.

You have come to CHOOSE the LIGHT and to DELIBERATELY mold your CONSCIOUSNESS through the POWER of thought and by way of your DIVINE FREE WILL.

You have come to REALIZE that the mind is both conscious and unconscious at the same time, it is both dead and alive as well.

Dead and alive?


Yes, the mind is programmable and all experiences from childhood have been programmed into the subconscious mind. Is this creative? NO—it is not—it is dead—it has happened in the past and in every moment there exists the SEED of CREATIVE POWER—BUT—because man is more unconscious than conscious—he will play out the dead past—in the NOW and believe this is his destiny. This is not our fault, and we all play out our pasts until we AWAKEN. Our survival mechanisms have us running on AUTO-PILOT and on guard for the next attack.

Don’t throw another amazing, magnificent, miraculous NOW moment away again! This moment is a total MIRACLE.

Instead, do what you can to commit yourself to STAYING CONSCIOUS of the MIRACLE of every NOW moment.

Do what you can to heal, embrace, understand, release, process, surrender to, accept, and let go of old patterns of thoughts, behaviors, ideas, and patterns that NO LONGER SERVE YOU!

This does not mean we ignore what has happened in the past, this means we choose to find healthy ways to RELEASE the energy of the past experiences so our minds can be released of the WEEDS old, painful experiences can be.

It is time to PLUCK from our minds those DEAD experiences that are taking up way too much prime real estate in our brains!

It is time to override the SURVIVAL MECHANISM in our brain so we can be set EMOTIONALLY FREE to SEE what we wish, rather than to spend our lives looking over our shoulders, or staring into rear-view mirrors.

Go within—go into the SILENCE. There you will find all that you NEED and have been searching for.