May 26, 2020

The more you have been bruised as a child, the deeper the nails of your ego will want to stay dug into your soul

by Lisa A. Romano

abuse child divine

The undeniable truth is that at your core--apart from who your parents were, or what they taught you, or what they did to you--you are perfect in every sense of the word.

At your core--apart from all the negative influences of earlier and less evolved man--you are as divine as any star, moon, or sun. At your core--apart from what society, advertisers, family, friends, or schools have taught you to believe about you and your world--you are as worthy as any planet in the sky.

At your core--apart from what you have been wrongly conditioned to believe about you and this world--everything is unblemished and is in harmony with the universe and universes at large whether man consciously believes it is or not.

There is no need to worry.

The planet, the sun, the moons, and all the other planets in our galaxy have never been told how to spin, or shine, or rest. The sky knows when to rain down on the ground below, and the earth knows just how quickly to revolve. Our hearts beat according to the pulse emitted from the core of the earth...our bodies in tune with our planet--in spite of our unawareness of it--is as divine as any blade of grass.

Just as perennial plants have their season--and then they seem to fade for awhile--so too is it with physical beings.

We shall have our season in the sun...and then one day it will seem as if we have faded.

But that will not be the truth.

It is not possible to destroy the nature of what makes us physical.

At our core, we are pure light energy. We are an atom--mostly full of space...A seemingly minuscule particle of light energy...and since energy cannot be destroyed...the essence of a physical being can never possibly know death as the man of mind has been conditioned to believe death is today.

Your worry is not necessary--although your ego and fear of letting go will tell you it is...

The more you have been bruised as a child, the deeper the nails of your ego will want to stay dug into your soul.

Information will set you free, and soften the need for the cloak that is your false ego. And eventually, as your conscious mind continues to absorb your truth--your ego shall set you free...

You are light...let shine...