Jul 07, 2020

When we lack boundaries, we are feathers in the wind

by Lisa A. Romano

boundaries codependency self care self love
Boundaries help us stay in our own lane. They help us honor our emotions, feel our feelings, and honor our internal wisdom.

When we lack boundaries, we are feathers in the wind. We feel distracted, powerless, and we are unsure whether we are following our own drum or the drum of others.

When we lack a healthy sense of self, we suffer with self doubt. We don't know if we should trust our judgment, intuition, decisions, or if we have the right to end relationships with those that are negative, critical, draining, argumentative, and abusive. We stay, shut ourselves down, rationalize, and hush our internal wisdom to sleep.

Boundaries help us detach from the fear of what other people think. They allow us to experience our emotions, our beliefs, our desires, and our personal truth. They allow us the freedom to discover who we are, in spite of who others want us to be or tell us who we should be.

There are those who won't like it when you set a boundary. They will become angry when you disagree, think differently or do not succumb to their intimidation.

Narcissists will withhold, stonewall, project, gaslight, and devalue your experiences, and especially when you start setting boundaries.

Think for yourself...love yourself...honor yourself...respect yourself...be still...and know you are enough!