Jun 02, 2021

Awaken the Abundance Code Within You

by Lisa A. Romano

abundance millionaire within her

College Dropout, Divorced and Broke; SO?

Live Premiere June 8th, 2021

If I believed in labels, I would not be sending you this email right now. If I believed what I was told by so many of those whose minds were rooted in scarcity, I might still be unhappily married, falling apart, and certainly losing my mind a little bit more each day. 

As our divorce loomed, my ex repeatedly instilled within me the idea that I would NEVER make it without him. He reminded me I had baggage, and yes, he was referring to our amazing children. He reminded me that I quit college and that we no longer had a business we could rely on. He reminded me that I needed him financially and that without him in my life, there was no way I could make it in the world. 

I admit it. There were days I wondered if he were right. I mean, I was a college dropout, I was divorced with three small children, and without him to rely on financially, I was broke.  

When Everything I Knew Faded Into the Abyss

There came a point when I had to LET GO of everyone and everything I had learned to rely on for a sense of safety, and that included my family. I knew I had made a mess out of my life, BUT I also knew I NEEDED to CHANGE it! More than anything I hoped my ex and I would be able to CHANGE together, however, he wanted NOTHING to do with looking within and owning his part of the demise of our marriage. This, sadly, felt more like an ultimatum than anything else. 

When everything I knew faded into the abyss, it was as if generations of chains were being split and were falling to my waist side. And although this was a necessary component of my spiritual journey, it scared the hell out of me. 

After all, I did have three young mouths to feed, and the ex refused to sign the divorce papers unless I agreed that I would not be receiving alimony, social security, or health insurance. 

Yea, I was scared!


Finding Alignment

I knew there were men and women out there that had turned their lives around and who, like me, were once broke, and had no college education to rely on. I knew there were amazing success stories like the ones of Tony Robbins, Coco Channel, Rachel Ray, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson, who was actually a high school dropout.  Intellectually I was aware that it was possible to overcome great obstacles, but emotionally I doubted I could do what these people had done. 


And then one day, I decided to follow my bliss. 


I realized I did not have to be a Rachel Ray or a Coco Channel! All I had to do was do what they had done which was follow their heart's direction incrementally, over a long period of time. 


"I never dreamed of success, I worked hard for it."

Estee Lauder


As a single mother of three small children, with no job, and no career to rely on, I needed all the inspiration I could get to keep me believing that it was possible to turn my life around. Reading the stories of incredible men and women, who against the odds, totally transformed the trajectory of their lives became my focus. 

Estee Lauder was born in Corona Queens, New York, very near to where I was born and raised. Learning about how difficult it was for her to create her company, helped me to understand that the magical ingredient that lead to her success was not so much hard work, as much as it was LOVE and ALIGNMENT. Estee Lauder LOVED working with lotions and potions and she also loved helping other women feel and look good!

So what did Estee do? She threw herself into learning about her passion, she kept her nose on the trail of her desires, and regardless of what obstacle she met, she KEPT GOING!

Join Me and Host Kristi Frank

Kristi Frank is an entrepreneur who participated in the hit show The Apprentice. And get this...she has been interviewed by Oprah herself. She is a dynamic, refreshing woman whose passion is to help inspire the greatness in others and specifically women (sorry guys.)

When she and project manager Kat Merritt contacted me to be a part of the docuseries called The Millionaire Within Her, I admit that I was surprised. I was NOT a financial wizard, nor did I have a ton of business degrees hanging on my office wall. However, after meeting with both Kristi and Kat, I began to understand their vision for this inspiring docuseries. 

Abundance is every human's birthright and you experience it when you find your TRUEST SELF!

Look, I know that if you are financially dependent upon a narcissist, it might be really difficult for you to imagine that abundance is your birthright.  If you are a single mom or a single dad, and you are barely getting by, I get it...it is really tough to have someone email you and tell you that abundance is your birthright and that all you have to do is follow your bliss if you want to turn your life around!

But here's the thing...without HOPE we don't have much...without HOPE human beings stop trying...without HOPE single moms, dads, and those of us who are barely getting by STOP believing that it is possible to turn circumstances around...

And THAT is why I was asked to become part of this docuseries. 

I did it. I turned my life around. In spite of giving up on my dreams early on in life, I found my way back to them. NO, my life did not turn around overnight. It took YEARS for me to get where I am today....but just like all those people who inspired me, I learned that following your heart is the KEY to finding joy abundance, health abundance, peace abundance, relationship abundance, and financial abundance too. 

It's not about a dollar figure. It is about a state of BEING and if you are in alignment with your true self, you experience abundance. 

I hope you join me and Kristi Frank, as we help to inspire you to BELIEVE that you can be happy, healthy, joyful, authentic, and financially healthy too!