Nov 02, 2020

It is healthy to ask

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency #codependent self love
What do you generally do when you have a need for clarity while speaking to someone?
What do you generally feel when someone has lashed out at you, verbally abused you, and is using you as an emotional punching bag?
What do you do when you are sick, feel unwell and have those who ask you to take things on you know you cannot?
If you were taught to believe it was your responsibility to do what others think you should do because NOT doing what was expected might be seen as rude, unkind, or selfish, it is time to take a good long look at how well you do at setting healthy boundaries.
If you were taught to believe love was conditional and it was your job to absolutely become what you knew others wished for you to become, you may have a hard time asking for space and time to consider choices that are most authentic for you.
It is healthy to 'ASK' and to show up for your authentic self, even if you know your truth will disappoint some. Those who truly love you, will hear what you are asking from their heart space and not their ego.
It is healthy to also recognize that others have a right to ASK things of you as well, and if both parties can come from love rather than ego, asking will be bridge towards deeper and more fulfilling relationship experiences.