Mar 10, 2020

All Love Starts With Inside Love

by Lisa A. Romano

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We wonder why we feel so lost.

We wonder why we feel so empty.

Imagine believing your dream car was in a parking lot at Walmart but instead it was home in your garage.

Imagine how you would feel if you TRULY believed your car was in that parking lot.

Imagine if, that car meant so much to you. Imagine if, you believed you could not be happy without that car.

Imagine if, everyone you knew told you your car was in that parking lot.

Imagine if, you saw other people hopping into their cars as you searched and searched for yours.

Imagine night coming, and you are still wandering around that parking lot.

Imagine the morning arrives, and you still go on searching.

Imagine being so convinced that your dream car, the car that would make all your dreams come true was IN that parking lot.

Imagine believing that if you could just find YOUR car, all would be well with you and your world.

Imagine being conditioned to believe that the right car had the ability to solve all of your woes.

No matter what, you're not going to give up, because the car of your dreams, you believe is IN that parking lot.

Days, weeks, months, years and decades pass--and all the while you have never given up believing that ONE day, somehow, and someway--you would FIND that miraculous car.

And then one day, you decide NOT to go to Walmart.

You are tired.

Your feet hurt.

You are tired of standing in the rain and walking around for hours looking for that car everyone has told you would solve all of your problems.

You don't care so much about what other people think. You don't care what people are going to say about you finding that dream car or not.

You are so tired and frustrated that you don't even care if that car even exists.

You're done looking.

You're done searching.

Today you have decided to take care of you. You have decided to love your aching feet and get a pedicure. You have decided to STOP beating yourself up for NOT finding that car. You have decided to pay attention to YOU.

After the pedicure, you have decided to go to the park to watch the sunset. You think, "Maybe I will ride my bike to the park. I will enjoy looking at the flowers, the birds, and the sky along the way." You walk down into your garage, open the door and there you find, the dream car you have been searching for.

All outside love starts with inside love first.

If you think the soul mate you seek is outside of you, think again.

Today's challenge is to find as many ways as possible to cultivate a relationship with YOU!