May 25, 2018

Adult Children of Alcoholics--We Are As Sick As Our Alcoholics :(

by Lisa A. Romano

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Post is dedicated to the incredible Robin Williams. Thank you for the laughter you brought to the world. And I am sorry, you never quite found the words or the ideas you needed to change your world Dear One...

Lisa A. Romano

ACoA Life Coach


On the road to recovery, there have been many twists and turns.

Awareness is as inspiring as it is gut wrenching.

Coming into the understanding that in all my enabling, care-taking, denying, ignoring, justifying, pacifying, complaining, and martyrdom indicated that I was just as sick as the people I thought I was in someway smarter and more moral than, made me feel like I was being torn in two.

As one part of my invisible self began to resonate at a higher vibration, at same time there felt as if humility was in some way dragging me lower than I had ever been before.

Coming through the birth canal of transition and evolution, I can now appreciate how necessary my need for hitting emotional rock bottom was to my total recovery. But at the time, when my three small children and I were preparing for the biggest shake up of our lives by leaving the home they were born in without their father, rock bottom felt like my entire self was being dragged across broken glass.

From the Eye In The Sky Perspective I can now see that when I was complaining, whining, and throwing tantrums, I was doing so from my stunted emotional inner child's vantage point. It was not until I was humble and willing enough to accept my responsibility for my own happiness as well as misery, and embraced my higher adult self, that I was able to accept total responsibility for ALL that was going on in my life.

Healing did not happen for me until I first merged with my Higher Self--or my Holy Spirit--the spiritual aspect of my being that is divine and all knowing.

Until we Adult Children of Alcoholics are willing to step into Higher Realms of our Selves--where our divinity resides, we can only heal so much of what has been done to us when we were children.

Some aspect of Mother/Father Self must be strived for and attained in order to help our inner child heal. Because many 12 step programs are rooted in asking God for help (Father Self), this may be the reason programs work in some cases.

What does work, is discipline.

We Adult Children of Alcoholics need to become disciplined of mind, of spirit, and of body. Until we embrace the reality that all we need to heal ANYTHING that has been done to us--is already within us--we tend to REACT to our pasts and to our presents as children who still in some way falsely believe that some ONE or some THING out THERE somewhere is going to be able to slap a Band Aid over our boo boos and make it all go away.

No Dear One...this is not the case.

Right there--in every friggin' cell of your BODY is DNA. Divinity Naturally Available as I like to refer to it :)

Yep. DNA is actually Divinity that is Naturally Available. And until you embrace that idea, you will tend to seek healing from some other source than from your own infinitely intelligent being that is energetically--spiritually connected to all that is.

Quiet the mind Dear One, it is the only way to connect to the Holy Spirit within you--that absolutely knows the way to your healing--as well as to your own salvation. YOU hold within you Dear One, all the necessary components you need to deliberately create the realities you deserve and desire.

But first Dear One--you must be willing to see your Self from a Higher Self Vantage Point, so that the inner child in you can learn to believe that her/his Higher Self can handle dealing with life in a healthy way. Your ego self will not let go of the pain of the past until you have successfully integrated with some aspect of your Higher Self. The ego self/man self will not release the armor that is pain, until he/she/it fully believes its Higher Self can protect it moving forward with healthy internal as well as external boundaries.

"In You there I Am, and in me, there You are"

Namaste Dear Ones...Namaste..