May 25, 2018

Adult Children of Alcoholics Finding the Power Within

by Lisa A. Romano

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Many children who have alcoholics as parents are unaware at just how deeply their perceptions about life and about self have been negatively impacted by alcoholism. Because children come into this world knowing they are powerless--they naturally look to their parents for cues as to how the world works. When you are born to beings who are lost inside their own dysfunctional programming--the conditioning you receive is likewise dysfunctional. But because you are a learning being--have no concept of contrast--you sadly presume that what you are learning is law.

As the granddaughter of alcoholics, my parents chose not to drink alcohol in our home when they were rearing, my siblings and I. Unfortunately this was not a cure all, although I have tremendous respect for their attempt to raise us differently than how they themselves were reared.

Alcoholism is a disease, like any other that creates huge gaps between the spirit, the mind and the body. Cracked, shattered and divided within the trinity that is a human being creates internal havoc. Like a tall skyscraper made of wood and is infested with termites, the entire structure is weakened from the inside out. Whenever there is an addiction of any kind present--the being is unable to connect to their emotional bodies in a healthy way. Thus, all that this being regurgitates out into his/her environment is tainted.

When children are raised by alcoholics who twist the rules, deny they are drunk, act as if they are superior to others, who take their frustrations about life out on them, who act as if they've done nothing wrong, who crowd their lives with distractions in an attempt to mask the true reasons for why the dysfunctional parent cannot connect with their child, the innocent being is denied a healthy reflection of self.

Ultimately it is the role of a parent to mirror back a healthy reflection of self to his/her child. But when mommy or daddy are too obsessed with themselves, and their needs to value what their true priorities are in life, their children grow with the same detached feeling from self as their parents have that has been enhanced by their addiction to alcohol. Like a pattern that cannot help but repeat itself, self alienation, low self worth, powerlessness, anger, confusion, and victimhood infest the souls of all involved like termites.

It is this authors belief that as children come forth into this time space reality, and as the consciousness of man continues to expand, so too will light. As awareness of self grows through books, websites, meetings, and various therapeutic modalities, we the wounded children of the self absorbed will more quickly come to understand the truth.

The truth is, we were never NOT enough. Alcohol as well as all other forms of addictions are simply chances for us all to challenge false beliefs, to die to the old, to be born anew and to become owners of our own mind. Yes, we are each cloaked in a bloody robe. Our flesh is our robe, and yes it does in fact bleed, even when there are no obvious lacerations.

Healing dear one, must come through the acceptance and acknowledgement of your true divine power. Born of God, created in the image of God, within each man is the potential to know God. When you truly heal, you no longer separate yourself from any ideas of God, because you ultimately learn that God and his/her divine power was with you all along.

The journey towards healing must happen in your mind. It is through the travels on the mental plane that you expand your consciousness, your awareness and uncover the truth. If you breath, you are a creation of God, and within each cell of your being, is the ability to create. We all create our reality, by way of the imagination, and by the guidelines we have been conditioned to believe in. The key to healing must happen by way of the imagination. As you begin to change your perceptions of self, and as you begin building new blueprints for your future, your creative and divine power becomes activated like a battery. As your imagination is poked, your concepts about self expand and you become illuminated within to your divine truth.

If you are ready to change your life, you must know without any doubt, that the ability to do so exists within you right where you.