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Healing the Wounded Adult Child's Heart

Uncategorized May 25, 2018

As ACoA's and for those of us born to the self absorbed--we were so wrapped up trying to navigate our tiny beings through treacherous emotional terrain--that our emotional set point is one of fear.

As Adult children of alcoholics-we hate ourselves-because we never learned that we were enough. We never learned that we were enough-because our parents manipulated us in various ways-in order to get their narcissistic needs met. We were not 'real, or human or valid' in their eyes. Sadly, we were pawns expected purely to fulfill 'their' needs, and when we didn't--we were neglected, shunned, criticized, hit, scrutinized, labelled, ignored, or punished.

ACoA's are sensitive beings who received all the wrong messages about Self. It is not true that we are not enough. We were always enough-and we were always worthy. Unfortunately we were born into dysfunctional systems that programmed and conditioned us to believe we were unworthy of anything good.

Today, may you find the courage to confront that mortal wound, and may you also learn to surrender to the absolute fact--that YOU are divine.

What if we not only loved everyone--but what if we all loved Self too?

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