May 25, 2018

Adult Child of Alcoholic--You're Right To Be Pissed Off--I Hear YOU!

by Lisa A. Romano

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Dear Adult Child of an Alcoholic,

Come sit beside me and rest your weary heart.

Gather all of your brothers and sisters who have had their tender hearts beaten by the earth beings who were intended to support your growth spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Open your hearts dear one and heed the vibrations of these words. Allow, allow, allow them to penetrate through the deep layers of scars that have left you feeling separate and alien even unto your own Self.

I know, I know, I know how hard your life has been.

I know, I know, I know how often you have tried to please them.

I know, I know, I know how good you are inside. I see it, I feel it--you dear one are a tired soul.


You could have never known that the people who were supposed to nurture you--were ill themselves--and detached from their own divine magnificence.

It is not your fault that the beings who were supposed to adore you, shelter you, protect you, and feed your soul were beings who were starved themselves.

It is not your fault that these earth beings could not find their way, refused help, or have not allowed the great spirit of healing to infiltrate their mind, bodies or souls.

No dear one, you are innocent.

You are tired. I can feel that.

You are bewildered. I can feel that too.

You have tried to follow the rules no matter how arduous a task, but to no avail.

You have minimized your Self--kept your Self small--and done your best to gain the approval of others--and yet--they still judge you--criticize you--and push you away.

Dear One it is you they believe is crazy.

Breathe Dear One--Breathe...

Breathe is all you need. Breathe is you.

Breathe Dear One and as you do allow the spirit of these words to penetrate the scars of bondage that have held you prisoner for so long.

Release the shame Dear One--you were always enough--even though others tried to manipulate you into believing you were not.

Release the guilt Dear One--it is not your fault your family home was chaotic and drizzled in craziness.

Release the worry Dear One--you are only responsible for your walk--your life--your happiness and your joy.

Dear One--you have felt judged--and you are right to feel this way--because you have been judged.

You have been judged by those who were intended to lift you up--put you first--and by those whose divine responsibility it was to encourage you on your unique path.

You are angry and that is good.

Anger will allow you to claim your right to feel victimized by the beings who abused you emotionally, physically or sexually.

Anger will allow you to detach from any need you have to stay in the same vibrational plane as those who have harmed you.

Anger will allow you to stay in your sandbox while the others who are still asleep stay in theirs.

Anger will allow you to shore yourself up against anyone who cannot SEE you--or HEAR you--or FEEL you.

And I am sorry Dear One--if those others are people you love.

Your first line of order--is to love you above all others.

Sound selfish?

Well it is--in the most divine sense.

Yes Dear One--love you--above all others.

Forgive Self--before you forgive others.

Forgive your tiny being for not being able to please the impossible to please.

Forgive your tiny being for lashing out when frustrated.

Forgive your tiny being for not loving the Self.

Forgive your tiny being for allowing others to arm you.

Forgive your tiny being for begging to be loved, accepted, and validate.

Yes Dear One...Forgive You--before you try to forgive anyone else.

Dear One--Love Self Before All Others--for only then--will any Love you offer be of any value.

In time--as your heart heals and then regenerates--you will be able to forgive others.

Yes Dear One, pull away if you must.

There is much emotional healing that must take place. Healing is much more rapid when you protect your open flesh from carnivores.

Yes Dear One--the asleep in your life will be angered by your new found skin.

They will see your new cloak and judge you for rising above.

They will criticize your aura.

They will condemn your new mind.

But know Dear One--it is not your job to convince them of your worth.


You are made of the same 'stuff' that makes up the stars and the moon.

You are made of the same 'stuff' that makes up the skies and the oceans.

You are made of the same 'stuff' that exists in all atmospheres--in every universe.

You are made of the same 'stuff' that exists in peacocks, tigers, and orca whales.

Dear One--Rise above it all...Elevate your consciousness--you were not meant to exist on your belly.

Dear One--you were created to FLY!

Your mind--is a thing--no one can bond--unless YOU give others rights over what You think about SELF.


I love you all...

Lisa A. Romano