May 25, 2018

Adult Child of Alcoholic--The Invisibly Wounded--You Cannot Serve Two Masters

by Lisa A. Romano

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On the road to recovery, many adult children from dysfunctional homes discover that although they have gathered a plethora of healing jargon along the way, they very often get stuck somewhere along the journey. Many clients have expressed this feeling of being stuck as one that causes them to feel inept and too broken to ever truly recover completely.


Emotionally manipulative parents wound their children in ways no one could ever truly imagine, as the suffering of an ACoA lies deep within the beings perception of Self.

In spite of the divine truth being, that ALL beings are born perfect, self perceptions held by wounded adult children exist at what feels like the core of that being.

I am not a religious being, but I have great respect for the knowledge and wisdom that is found in various philosophies.

The Bible is perhaps the most concise psychological book that has ever been written. Plagued however, by all too many religious dogmas claiming various teachings unto their own--and for their own agenda's, many innocent beings are turned off by fear based doctrine. I suggest that one consider the teachings of such great works like those found in the Bible, as a tool that can be utilized during emotional recovery.

For one, The Bible teaches that one cannot serve two masters. In my own life, and in the work I do with my clients I find that when a client is able to accept that at his/her core he/she is divine and holy, their healing progresses rather swiftly. Serving two masters; the ego and the Spirit Self is not possible.

What is possible, is understanding that before all that has been YOU were created in the image and likeness of Creator God, and that all the 'ugly things and mishaps' along the way that you have been a part of were the direct or indirect result of your parents inputing into you data that is corrupt, then you are able to more easily serve one master; the Master Self.

Christ's teachings are so perfect!

"Be In the world not Of the world!"

Yes Dear One--it is possible to be In the world of illusion and duality--and choose to serve the Divine Self. It is possible to be surrounded by people who are lost and in denial--and at same time--hold true to your new understandings of your true Divine Nature.

When one is able to put into 'concrete context' the idea that healing requires us to serve one master--The Self--The Divine--Holy--Miraculous--Stupendous--Incredible Holy Spirit Self--healing becomes so much like ironing the wrinkles out of a silk blouse.

It is one 'aha' moment after the next.


We Truly Are One!

Namaste from My Heart...