May 25, 2018

Adult Child of Alcoholic--The Invisibly Wounded--The Psychologically Tortured and Forgotten

by Lisa A. Romano

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To ALL Adult Children Everywhere--I bless you--I honor you--I feel you--I hear you!

Your road is a lonely one.

The abuse you have tolerated in the dark moments of your life--have left scars that are invisible to the physical eye--yet you are scarred--bruised and battered nonetheless.

Born to beings who were supposed to nurture you--adore you--and support you--instead--you have been brainwashed, manipulated, beaten, criticized, shamed, guilted, humiliated, and worse--DENIED the right to feel or own any of the suffering that was created while being abused...WTF?

Forced to live in a state of disassociation--as a means to simply survive horrific childhood experiences--adult children of alcoholics are beaten in one moment--and then expected to 'act as if' the beating never occurred.

Adding maggots to the equation--adult children are often manipulated to live their lives not only denying their personal suffering--but they too--are forced to 'act as if' mom and dad are the most wonderful parents that ever lived.

Adult children are expected to put up with abuse, eat the abuse, sleep in the abuse, deny the abuse, and to act as if--all is well--for the sake of how others might see the abusers.

Narcissists rape their innocent children in one room--send them out to play with a warning to keep their mouths shut--interrogate them when they come back from the playground--insult them at the dinner table--criticize the way they walk, talk, eat, and breath--then demand that their children understand how lucky they are to have a parent who puts a roof over their head, puts food on the table, and puts up with their s**t.

Sound harsh? Well it is...

To all Adult Children everywhere--your perceptions mattered then--and they matter now...just don't get stuck in the process of awakening to your right to feel...Keep pushing through...Keep digging...Keep honoring the Self...and in time...your boundaries will emerge--your ability to tolerate others walking away--and your desire to live life honoring the Self that you truly are--will be your guiding light...

I absolutely HONOR YOU!