May 25, 2018

Adult Child of Alcoholic in Recovery--Learning NOT to Take My Self So Seriously

by Lisa A. Romano

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If you are an adult child of an alcoholic, or the adult child of a dysfunctional home, chances are you have a difficult time NOT taking yourself too seriously.


Why would an adult child have a difficult time not taking themselves too seriously?

We ACoA's and GCoA's and ACoD (adult children of dysfunction) very often have been the victim of criticism, psychological manipulation, emotional manipulation, physical abuse and worse.

Because our childhoods taught us to that we needed to stay on guard--so to thwart some kind of an attack, we failed to be able to let go--or allow our guards to drop.

By default, we are hyper-vigilant, fear criticism, and tend to be rigid. We fear making mistakes, laughing too loud, or coming off as silly. We fear what other people think of us, and so we cut ourselves off from opportunities to let go--be free--and to have pure unobscured FUN!

As a Life Coach, and Self Mastery Expert I hold myself personally responsible for being the type of professional who not only talks recovery--but walks in recovery.

So, as I throw caution to the wind--I am dropping any guard I have, and posting 'one of' the silliest pictures I have of myself, so to help inspire all of you--My Dear Ones--to go out and LAUGH OUT LOUD TODAY!

I would LOVE it if you could forward me some of you most silliest and memorable moments, as one of the most precious gifts of being a human being--is found in the ability to let go of needing to be perfect all the damn time. Being silly allows us to feel completely free and in the moment--and when we allow ourselves permission to let go--we freely come into alignment with our purpose for being here.

What is our purpose for being here?

Our purpose for being created--is to learn to BE; just BE Self--and of course--to experience, milk, and revel in JOY!

Namaste Dear Ones...

You Are Loved!