May 25, 2018

Adult Child of Alcoholic--A Poem To Help You Remember Who You Really Are--Awaken Dear One-You Have Suffered Enough

by Lisa A. Romano

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Die to the old, 
Be born to the new, 
For the kingdom of heaven, 
Is within you.

Resurrect your mind, 
Transcend the old, 
Dear One, 
You Are a Soul.

Forget what they taught you, 
They could never have known, 
That your birthright was, 
To live your life from a throne.

Yes Dear One, you have been battered, 
And you have been bruised, 
And the things about you, 
Have you feeling confused.

Dear One Know this, 
Your DNA is coded for rebirth, 
Yes it is true, 
Heaven can be found here on earth.

Your life has tainted your mind, 
Your life and others too, 
Have you feeling unworthy, 
And lost are you.

Look within star seed, 
Connect to your source, 
Close the gap, 
And get back on course.

Leave others behind, 
If they fail to believe, 
That all born, 
Are worthy to receive.

Many teachers have come, 
To share the great news, 
That life is LIGHT, 
And that each being gets to choose.

So who have you, 
Chosen to believe you are? 
Do you believe what others have said, 
Or do you believe in the language of your hearts star?

Be in the world, 
Not of it, Dear One, 
For You Are ENOUGH, 
To teach you this lesson--is why I have come.

From time to time, 
You may fall to your knees, 
And when this happen, 
Remember the trees.

Trees just are, 
They claim the right, 
To live and be free, 
And even grow through the night,

They do not ask, 
If it is alright that they be, 
No Dear One, 
A tree just wants to be a tree.

Go forth now, 
And remember who you are, 
You Dear One, 
Are A Creator and a Star!

Written by; 
Lisa A. Romano 
Self Mastery Life Coach Specializing in ACoA Recovery