May 25, 2018

Gaining Control

by Lisa A. Romano

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As an adult child of an alcoholic, you are probably struggling with various emotional issues. Very often unaware adult children of alcoholics do not even realize that the drama they are facing in their everyday lives is controllable.

"What?" I hear you, my dear reader ask. "These dramas are happening to me. I am not in control over this lunacy," I hear you thinking.

For many years I too believed that the chaos that surrounded me was mayhem I could not control. From my unawakened perspective, I was in fact the victim. In my zombie like mind I was the one who was doing everything right. It was all of 'those other people' in my life that were screwed up. It was never me. If I felt angry, enraged or sad, it was because of something someone else had said or done. My thought process had me blaming everyone else for why I felt the way I felt--or for why I could not move forward in various areas of my life.

I have learned to understand that pain is one of life's greatest teachers. Like pressure applied to coal--the more pressure added--the more brilliant a diamond is created. If it were not for pressure--the world would be void of the gloriousness of precious gems. In my own life, had my own mind, soul and body not been so pressed upon by pain--I would not be the person I am today. Although it has taken me many years to be able to bless the pains of the past, I have never forgotten the burdens of loneliness created by my inability to live my life outside of my wounded ego.

Adult children of alcoholics are like blind caterpillars that keep bumping into the same walls. Very much like a blind caterpillar would blame the walls for keeping it from being able to surrender to its own innate ability to morph into a butterfly--ACoA's tend to live life blindly unaware that all they ever needed to be free was within them all along.

Adult children of alcoholics have been taught to NOT believe in their innate beauty or in their innate ability to fly. ACoA's in obvious and most often covert ways have been programmed to hate self--and so--like an unaware little caterpillar--he/she spends their life in fear--rather than in great anticipation of one day spreading their wings.

Each being born--regardless of what that being has EVER done--holds within them--the potential to be great.

Being great--is a matter of being willing to let go of any thought that creates the illusion that you are not capable of flight.

All spirits soar!

It is the heaviness of dysfunctional, corrupt programming and data from childhood that weighs the spirit down, and is able to convince a limitless being that it is destined to live life blind, confused and bumping into walls.

At any point in time--we can begin forward moving momentum--and begin attracting into our experience through an incremental process--the greatness each of us deserves.

What we eventual attract into our lives--is only limited by our willingness to accept that each being is responsible for their own destiny. Man is either aware he is creating through his thought--and thus emotional/vibrational body--or he is not--and is creating his destiny by default.


If you have begun to awaken--WELCOME to the world of conscious living!

There is so much to learn!