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If you’ve loved a narcissist, in time you will feel like a prop. Narcissists don’t see value in others.

If you’ve loved a narcissist, in time you will feel like a prop. Narcissists don’t see value in others. They see what value others can offer them. It might be sexual favors, financial gains, status perks, housing, and trip benefits. It might be excessive ego boosts, excessive help, excessive praise, validation, or sympathy. Maybe the narcissist needs a whipping post, someone they can project all their personal conflicts on, someone they can blame when they are NOT overly acknowledged by society or others.
Narcissists need to be seen as the “MOST”. They are the most sexy, beautiful, smart, clever, rich, sick, unwell, or tortured. No matter what ails you, the narcissist has had it worse. Empathizing with someone else’s pain is not fully possible unless it serves the narcissist.
True humility, true self-observation and gut-wrenching personal analysis that prompts a change in behavior is generally not possible.
If you feel like a prop in someone’s life, STOP  playing the role they need you to play to reinforce their false perfect self.
Humans should strive to be kind and when they are not, a healthy human will make amends and change.
An unhealthy human, who is stuck living below the veil of consciousness and can only see life through the eyes of the hungry and denial based ego, needs others to play in the world of the dark. They will use love bombing to dazzle and anesthetize you, but one day, the spell will be broken and you shall find the light.
Move on and don’t look back. Leave the narcissist to the roles that play. 
Have you ever felt like a prop in someone else’s life? 
Stay safe out there Dear Ones!

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