Sep 06, 2023

Unleashing the Power Within: Healing the Inner Critic and Embracing Self Love

by Lisa A. Romano

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Inner Self Dialogue Shapes Your Destiny 
I was sitting in my car, and for the first time, I could hear my punishing inner critic loud and clear. I had always battled negative self-talk, but this time was different. This time, it was as if I was standing outside the car and observing someone verbally abusing my inner self.
At the time, I was deep into codependency recovery work, studying early childhood development, and learning all I could about the subconscious mind. And  so, like a diligent student, I ran into the Dollar Store and grabbed a marble notebook to scribble my notes. For the next few days, I would become the observer of the thoughts I noticed pop up on the screen of my mind.
In time, something miraculous happened. My emotions shifted as empathy ushered in as I experimented with mental and emotional detachment. I learned that I was two-faced and somewhat of a hypocrite. While I was a champion for others, I had little warmth, encouragement, patience, acceptance, or love for my inner self. I took care of others and suggested they do the same by saying NO, setting boundaries, accepting themselves as they were, and honoring their joys; however, my inner dialogue was most often critical, berating, reinforcing the idea that I was not enough.

My journey began with a realization: the roots of our self-criticism often trace back to the dark corners of our childhood. Childhood trauma, whether overt or covert, can leave lasting imprints on our subconscious mind. These experiences shape our perception of ourselves and the world, creating faulty subconscious negative programming that becomes the breeding ground for our inner critic.

For most of my life, I lived in a hyper state of self-criticism, unable to escape the clutches of my own negative inner dialogue. I was trapped in a cycle of codependency, seeking external validation to fill the void that my inner critic had created within me. But deep down, I knew there had to be a way out – a way to break free and embrace a life rooted in self-love.

The key to healing the inner critic lies in understanding the power of our subconscious mind. Our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are all intricately woven into the fabric of our subconscious. By becoming aware of this connection, we can rewire our brains and rewrite the negative programming that has held us back for far too long.

Here's the thing: healing from childhood trauma and breaking free from codependency is not an overnight process. It requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to unlearning old patterns. But trust me, the journey is worth it.

Start by cultivating self-awareness. Take a moment to observe the thoughts that arise within you – those subtle whispers of self-doubt, criticism, or unworthiness. Recognize that these thoughts are not the truth of who you are. They are remnants of past experiences, echoes of a time when you were not in control.

Next, practice self-compassion. Treat yourself with the kindness and understanding you would offer a dear friend. Acknowledge that healing takes time and that you are doing your best. Embrace the imperfect progress and celebrate each small step forward.

Now, it's time to rewire your brain with positive inner dialogue. Replace the negative self-talk with empowering statements that reflect your worth and potential. Repeat this positive inner dialogue daily, no matter what, especially when old negative patterns of thought start showing up, and watch as your subconscious begins to believe in your inherent value.

Remember, healing the inner critic is not a solo journey. Seek support from trusted friends, family, or professionals who can guide you. Surround yourself with a community that uplifts and encourages your growth.

Dear One, as you embark on this healing journey, know you are not alone. You can break free from the chains of your inner critic and embrace a life filled with self-love and self-acceptance. Trust in your own resilience and inner strength.
The power to heal lies within you.
It took diligence, commitment, and perseverance to reprogram my subconscious mind and learn to treat myself like I treated others. Negative, faulty childhood programming had embedded itself into the neural pathways of my brain, and my mind was strapped to the roller coaster it had become.
My path was codependency recovery and healing from childhood emotional neglect. They allowed me to see the holes in the wall that needed to be patched with what was most foreign to me: unconditional love, kindness, empathy, and the promise of unwavering protection under all circumstances.
We are all on the same journey, but we don't all resonate with the same mode of transportation, and that's okay. Know that one deliberate thought focused on love is more powerful than many that are not. Dare to correct your inner dialogue to align with the love you always deserved.
Together, let's unleash the power within and create a life that celebrates our worthiness. You are deserving of love, happiness, and all the beautiful things life has to offer. Embrace your journey, trust the process, and watch as your inner critic transforms into your biggest cheerleader. You've got this!
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Lisa A. Romano is a globally recognized Life Coach specializing in assisting wounded adult children to overcome the childhood emotional trauma that keeps them stuck, repeating negative, self-sabotaging patterns in their lives. She is best known for her remarkable work in the area of adult children of alcoholic issues, codependency, and narcissistic abuse recovery. She is also one of the most listened-to meditation teachers on Insight Timer, and her YouTube Channel has over 640K subscribers. Her podcast Breakdown to Breakthrough ranks in the top 100 podcasts on mental wellness. She was voted the #1 Most Influential Person of 2020 and was recently nominated as a global leader representing the United States in mental wellness coaching by Unified Brainz Unlimited. Her flagship program, The 12 Week Breakthrough, is endorsed by psychologist Robin Bryman as a must for anyone struggling with a loss of self-hood due to narcissistic abuse. You can learn more about her online courses and her seven bestselling books by visiting