Oct 11, 2018

Thoughts are Atomic Energy Creating the Future

by Lisa A. Romano

law of attraction

ALL children are conditioned and programmed to believe the thoughts that show up in their very limited minds.

And that is okay.

ALL parents are imperfect. ALL parents make mistakes. ALL parents get angry from time to time. ALL parents say the wrong things, get frustrated, misunderstand, get tired, meltdown, and wish they could do better.

It is better to admit we are imperfect than try to convince the world we are perfect.

It is better to admit we have shortcomings than to spend our lives lying and pretending our lives are as perfect as our Facebook Selfies appear.

It is better to admit to ourselves that we make mistakes and screw up really, really bad sometimes than it is to berate ourselves for NOT being perfect.

It is better to admit to our children we are learning as we go and that we will be short sided sometimes and apologize when we hurt them than it is to make them feel guilty because we screwed up.

It is better to admit to the ex that we know we are not perfect than it is to go down the shame rabbit-hole because they have rubbed our noses in a memory that is tied to one of our NOT SO best moments.

It is better to admit we are all works in progress than it is to try and PRETEND we are anything more than human beings trying to undo some of the damage that has been done in the past.

It is better to admit to a friend we have been unaware and reactive than it is to pretend we never make mistakes and sometimes hurt people we love unintentionally.

It is better to admit to our partner when we have expected something from them we have not been willing to give in return than it is to pretend our egos are never more concerned with being right than they are with being fair.

The thoughts we think, healthy or not, are stringing together quantum stuff like atoms, quarks, neutrons, and protons. In time, that quantum stuff will take on a DENSE vibration as earth is a planet subject to weight and gravity.


Through the deliberate manipulation of perception, we can transform ANY situation, find relief, nonresistance, and learn to create bliss in our lives.

REFUSE to get stuck in anything less than ABUNDANT, PEACEFUL thoughts.

You are a CREATOR and you have the ability to choose the thoughts you think--unlike a snail, a fruit fly, or a lizard.