Mar 05, 2019

The Universe Does Not See Right or Wrong

by Lisa A. Romano

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It is unfortunate that so many of us have been so damaged that we need to learn how to love self. However, it is a miraculous thing to know that beings who have suffered incredible emotional hardships have in fact overcome.

Have you heard of people like Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins?

Yep—incredible humble and pretty tough beginnings.

A rich man does not make a smart man, nor does a poor man make an ignorant man.

Beauty does not guarantee a kind heart, not does lack of beauty equate lack of inner perfection.

Turn within instead and stop resisting your integration.

You are not your body, nor your mind. You are spirit. Your mind allows you to connect to spirit and your body allows you to physically feel spirit.

Peace can only be found within the temple of man--his spirit. Man can be poor, yet full of peace. Man can be dying, yet full of peace, if that man holds within his spirit the knowing that while on this earth--he loved with all of his heart--and most importantly--he knows he lived.

It is only possible to know what it is to live, if one knows what it is to love. And it is only possible to love, by way of loving self enough first, before attempting to love any other.

In spite of where you have been, you can still find peace--now. It is a matter of exercising your free will, faith and a dash or hope.

We can accept that we are deserving of love, just as that rose accepts the energy from the sun, the rain from the sky and the nutrients from the earth, or--not. We can stop resisting peace--and embrace our ability to let down our guard and open our hearts to self--or not, and we can start with loving the self.

To NOT love the self is to deny life itself.

When you LOVE the self, you allow for LIFE SOURCE to flow through you and help you draw to you all that you desire and deserve.

The universe does not see right or wrong, up or down, right or left.

The universe reflects back to you the beliefs we hold.

Hold abundant, glorious beliefs about the self and your world because when you do, you change your world.

LOVE all things all the time!!!!!!!

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