Mar 29, 2019

Spiritual Freedom

by Lisa A. Romano

forgiveness spiritual freedom spirituality

It is not morbid to contemplate one’s mortality.

It is humbling and only the humble shall be free.

When you are humbled by your transitory existence, and you respect the natural laws that govern this 3D space, you grow less desiring of wasting your precious breath on people, thoughts, and actions that are in opposition to life which is expansion.

Draw ALL of your spiritual juices from problems, people, beliefs, conversations, and alike from ANY situation that is in opposition to LIFE.

Forgive because if you do not, negative energy causes a lag in your spiritual, mental, and emotional expansion. This is the opposite of what you are, which is LIFE itself. Make decisions as you must but immediately following the choices that must be made, once again, draw your attention from any false power you have given to things outside of you and focus on a sense of thanksgiving, imaging your life expanding in all directions.

For ions, the world has been living below the veil of consciousness, believing in the dark rather than the light.

People are awakening and acknowledging the veil that separates man's mind from its awareness of its Godself. This unconsciousness, coupled with faulty childhood patterns, reactivity, and projection which is a repeating of patterns stored in the mind, has kept humanity living in bondage. It is time to awaken more deeply and to choose your thoughts more deliberately, each moment moving more closer to the light within.

Remember this--ALL beings project--but if you believe in a Creator, know that Creator PROJECTED as well--and that projection is YOU! You are an extension of the Creator of all that is--an individualization of Creator, here to bring to the 3D world, the talents, gifts, and spiritual desires of your heart.

Set boundaries out of love not hate and walk towards the LIGHT within.

You will know you are headed in the right direction by how you feel. LIGHT feels right and DARK feels constrictive. Follow expansion for this shall lead to spiritual freedom and love. 

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