Feb 14, 2020

Self-love is the KEY to EVERYTHING.

by Lisa A. Romano

codependency love self care
One of the easiest ways we can learn to love the self is by setting an early morning intention. Left to its unconscious devices, the brain runs in loops and patterns of behavior. If we are not careful, we can live an entire lifetime unaware, un-awakened, and unconscious. A human being can go 100 years and never once feel truly AWAKE.

Self-love is the KEY to EVERYTHING.

Not loving the self draws into your experience all the unhealthy patterns from the past. Loving the self acts like a KEY and helps unlock DNA codes that allow for ABUNDANCE, JOY, PEACE, CONTENTMENT, and SERENITY to flow into your experience.

This weekend, see if you can begin your day with journaling about your intentions. Intend to see beauty everywhere you look. Intend to feel joy and wonder as you peer into the sky. Intend to love the self and to offer the self-compassion and empathy.

Taking the time to INTEND to live in a more ABUNDANT vibration helps your body, mind, and soul fill with UNIVERSAL LOVE.

This is a FREE WILL ZONE and you have the choice to live an INTENTFUL life or to allow the autopilot function of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to get you through this lifetime.

Do you set your intentions daily, and if so, what kinds of BEAUTY FILLED intentions can you share with us?

Please share your thoughts if doing so resonates with you.


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