May 25, 2018

Poem--The Lessons Of A Tree--Wisdom Of Nature

by Lisa A. Romano

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As a lover of recovery--I am thankful that I have lived long enough to learn to appreciate the power of consistency. Aging has graced me with more than just crows feet.

I have learned to appreciate the need for grounding myself at the beginning of each new day. Once, I was but a feather in the wind, believing myself to be little more than a victim of all things including mother nature. Today however, I am humbled by my past ignorances.

It is not enough to complain about anything. Complaining--implies one believes oneself to be a victim to whatever emotion or circumstance one finds oneself in. Many years into my recovery, I have learned that I was always in the cockpit. Once, I was just unaware.

I get it now--or at least for now at this stage of my awareness--I think I do; God is all that is--and that includes the 'thing' that I am.

This concept begs for the answer to the question then, "What then, am I?"

Years of quiet thoughts spoken only in the isolated chambers of my mind have caused many an idea to pass through my head.

"What am I?"

Here are some of the theories I have waded through while on my path of consistency.

I am an organic being. My being is comprised of matter. Matter is created through the combining of molecules. Molecules are formed by atoms. Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are composed of quarks and gluons. Gluons act as glue to bind quarks to one another which makes it possible for an atom to exist at all. Protons are positively charged. Neutrons are negatively charged, and electrons are neutral and carry no charge.

The magic that is life--can be likened to the turning on of a light switch. Once there was no light--and then with the flip of a switch--poof--suddenly a seed begins its cycle of life--and energy begins to flow.

Okay, okay, okay--I get it. All that is alive breathes, excretes and carries on metabolic processes--and energy is required so that a cell can carry on metabolism--and yes--I get it--our very sophisticated energy system (our molecular structure) comprised of electrical pumps--makes all that possible--but, but, but who and what flipped the switch?

After many years of searching--I have come to conclude quite intelligently (in my opinion) that the world at large is all too intricate to believe that some grand designer is not somehow involved with the process that is life.

From the intricacies of a peacock feathers, to the night vision of a snow owl--it takes far more faith to believe that all that is is by chance than it does to believe in the idea of a creator.

My Personal Conclusion

Creator, God--the master geneticist of all that is--created all that is--so that he/she/whatever could experience himself/herself/itself through all that is.

Through the innumerable perceptions of all living things--God gets to experience his/her/its mighty creations. When I gasp at the sight of a glorious landscape--through my emotional body--God gets to 'feel and or experience' his/her/its design. When I forgive others--for they know not what the do--God gets to experience the power of his/her/its grace through me. And when I am lost in fear--God gets to experience what it is to not believe in him/her/it exists at all.

Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned thus far is the one that has lead me to understand that God was never not there. Instead, it was I--whom in my darkest moments--turned away from the spirit within me--that is literally the breath of God.

The greatest lesson of all is--that I, me--you--we were NEVER not enough. There was never anything I had to prove and there was never a time when I was unworthy. In my darkest moments--it was not what was being done to me that hurt. Instead it was me--perceiving my own Self as apart from God--and in so doing--separating my Self from all that is--that was at the root of any and all of my desperation. If God is all that is--then God is me. What then, is there ever to be afraid of?

Want to be happy? Be like a tree my friend--be like a tree...

The Lessons of A Tree

If I could be, 
Like a tree, 
Peace is all I would ever be...

Tall and strong, 
They sing their song, 
In spite of thunder all night long...

Blankets of green throughout the land, 
Refuge to animals meek and grand, 
From squirrels to bears-a helping hand...

If I could be, 
Like a tree, 
Death would not follow me...

Within they hold the wisdom from above as well as from below, 
The reasons that they grow, 
Content with what they know...

Breathing monuments, 
Weep for no ailment, 
Present in each moment...

If I could be, 
Like a tree, 
I'd bend with the wind as it danced through me...

Lungs for all, 
Big and small, 
Humble when they fall...

Trees never mock, 
Shun the flock, 
Or mind a clock...

If I could be, 
LIke a tree, 
I would be content--to just be me...

Written by Lisa A. Romano