Apr 02, 2019

Healing the Mother Wound

by Lisa A. Romano

inner child reparent the self

Many of us were not born to self-actualized mothers. Some of us had mothers who raged, belittled, and emotionally abused us. Some of us had physically abusive mothers who perhaps were even jealous of us, our friends or boyfriends. Whatever your specific experience, not feeling loved by a mother can be akin to death.

Whether you are male or female, feeling discarded by the very creature that created you causes disruptions both emotionally, physically, psychologically, neurologically, and socially.

How can a being who feels rejected by the very essence that created them ever feel they are worthy of love?

If you have suffered a ‘mother wound’ it is not too late to correct the messages that have been downloaded in the subconscious mind. Commit yourself to rewiring those faulty messages no matter how long it takes to reclaim your mind, body, and soul. NEVER GIVE UP re-mothering yourself Dear One. This is your BIRTHRIGHT but YOU must CLAIM IT!

Repeat to yourself often;

You are enough!
It is wonderful you were born!
You are an extension of all that is!
The world needs your light!
There is no need to try and be perfect!
Don’t worry about what other people say about you!
Worry about what you love, what you wish to do, and follow your dreams!
You are here to find what makes your heart sing!
Yes, it might be difficult but you can do anything as long as you never give up!
Yes, some people will be cruel and unkind. Don’t take it personally. They may have never felt truly loved. Avoid them and focus on loving yourself!
When sad days come, cry them away! 
Crying is okay!
When angry, write about how you feel. Don’t take your anger out on others. Use your anger to help you figure out what you need and no longer need. Anger is okay!
You are enough!

Be the mother to the Inner Child you always deserved!