Jan 14, 2021

Narcissists and Hoovering

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency #narcissism #narcissist hoovering
The #1 way to get narcissists out of your life is to STOP seeking approval, permission, and acceptance from others.
It is really difficult to walk by faith and not by sight when you have been raised to feel like you are not good enough. The inner child within you will continue to seek bonds and connections to others, even to your own detriment UNTIL you awaken and finally start seeing that it is not you -- it is only your programming.
Your heart is GOLD and there are people out there who will think nothing of playing with your emotions. There are people who will exploit you, and play mind games. Okay, fine...so there are people out there who lack empathy and are not serious when it comes to relationships...well...those people need people who are the same wavelength. What they don't deserve are those who can and are willing to participate wholeheartedly in a committed relationship.
The next time someone throws you away, pay attention. And when and if they try to HOOVER you back in, understand this Dear One...the past is the greatest indicator of the future. If they did it once, it is only that much easier to dispose of you a second time.
Don't try to pretend someone is NOT what they are. Don't try to pretend you are getting out of a relationship what you want if you are NOT. Don't try to convince yourself you can and or will change anyone.
Be you...and simply refuse to settle for anything less than what you desire.
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