Feb 10, 2019

Enlightenment The Heroes Journey

by Lisa A. Romano

enlightenment fear inner child spiritual journey

Enlightenment implies we were once in the dark.

To be enlightened is to come out of the darkness within. Fear equals darkness. Darkness is fear and yet, we are the light and at our deepest truth we have NO THING to fear because we are enough.

Fear is the result of conditioning and childhood programming. While fear that is related to being hit by a truck as we walk across a busy city street is healthy and necessary, fearing being alone or being ostracized to the point of panic and overwhelming doom is NOT healthy.

Healing from emotional fears related to trauma IS THE HEROES JOURNEY because NO ONE can face the darkness within and overcome it but the one in the dark.

1) Wake up every morning and declare ‘I am enough’

2) In your mind turn to your inner child and say ‘It is not your fault you fear abandonment-you have been abandoned’

3) Visualize yourself hugging your inner child and say to them, ‘I am so sorry you have been abandoned-please forgive me for not understanding fully that YOU are enough and that you and I are one. WE are enough and I will never chase approval again or blame others for not fulfilling needs I should fulfill on my own. Instead, I will follow bliss and allow others to be who they are without judgment-I love you!’

Merge more consciously with your inner child today and know that when you do, peace arrives.

When we are in the habit of not loving the self we cannot accept love from the outside so therefore love cannot get on in the inside. Change what needs to be changed in you because you can and it is your birthright! #love#peace #lisaaromano #lifecoach #enlightenment #selflove