Sep 17, 2019

Empaths and Narcissists Why They Attract One Another

by Lisa A. Romano

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Empaths and Narcissists

Do you find yourself naturally wanting to help heal, nurture, take care of, and champion for others?

Do you naturally wish to support and assist the underdog?

Are you easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and need to often reenergize?

Do superficial people and conversations irritate and drain you?

What about your relationships? Do you tend to love too much and receive too little? Do you attract high maintenance type personalities that tend to default to feeling like a victim and are you expected to take responsibility for how others feel?


  • feel the emotions of others and process the world through the emotional realm
  • are highly giving and forgiving
  • prefer smaller groups and one to one interactions
  • need to recharge often
  • are super duper nurturing 
  • are sensitive to sensory stimuli
  • feel drawn to water, forests, animals, and plants
  • attract narcissists and people with high victim-mentalities
  • tend to suffer GI issues, headaches, body aches 
  • feel like they were born to defend others

The traits of an empath are awesome but as you can see, those of us who struggle with overwhelming sensory input can become easily overwhelmed. As a result, those of us who have wounds that have yet to have been healed can fall prey to the needs and negative mindsets of others.

Narcissists Can't Generate Their Own Happiness

Narcissists seek others to drain energy from others and because empaths ooze energy, they can become magnets for narcissists. 

Relationship Tips for Empaths

  1. Define yourself and start each day asking yourself "Who am I? What do I need? What are my dreams, wants, and desires? How do I feel?"
  2. Be sure to spend time healing any wounds from the past.
  3. Stay anchored in the present moment trying not to become too overwhelmed by sensory stimuli and the emotions of others.
  4. Don't jump into relationships too quickly. Hold back that awesome empathic energy before you give it away to someone who may not be able to reciprocate.
  5. Hold onto yourself inside relationship dynamics, making sure others take full responsibility for themselves.
  6. Be honest about your needs first to yourself and then to others. 

If you are an empath, know that the world needs your awesome energy to help stabilize and bring balance to the world. You see the best in people but because you may have your own inner child wounds that need to be healed, you may not always feel at your best. For this reason, be sure you PUT you FIRST! Heal those wounds, take time out for the self, learn to set boundaries, to ground yourself, and to hold others accountable for their own actions. 

Empath, we need YOU WHOLE!!!!!!

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