Oct 28, 2019

Covert Narcissist Signs of Master Emotional Manipulators VIDEO PODCAST with Lisa A Romano

by Lisa A. Romano


Covert Narcissists

It is not easy to spot a covert narcissist. They can appear to timid, shy and insecure. Their goal is to manipulate you into submission by appearing to be a safe person all the while below the surface, a sinister agenda is waiting to unfold.

Covert narcissists embrace the role of victim and use their victimhood as a way to manipulate others into emotional submission. Their goal is to exploit their victims emotionally, financially, and or spiritually. They are secretly angry and feel entitled to abuse others and to distort their reality to achieve their goal of getting others to praise them, acquiesce to them, and take care of them. 

In this podcast, you will learn more about the signs of covert narcissism you might want to make yourself aware of. If you've ever felt the need to have other people listen in on conversations you've had with a narcissist because you are afraid maybe you are crazy, you've probably experienced gaslighting, which is a common narcissistic trait. 

If you are confused and full of self-doubt because you can't make heads or tails out of your relationship, I hope this podcast can help clear things up for you.

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Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, and YouTube Vlogger specializing in codependency and narcissistic abuse recovery. She is also one of the most listened to meditation teachers on the world’s largest meditation app Insight Timer.  Lisa creates real-life tools to help people evolve past their traumas so they can live in peace, achieve success, and create harmony in their lives regardless of painful past events. 
Lisa's work helps awaken people to the idea that what is wrong is not them, it is only their programming. Her 12 Week Breakthrough Healing Coaching Program takes members through three months of reprogramming. Lisa creates supportive, nurturing communities and then offers members access to healing resources like training videos and self-hypnosis meditations, along with weekly group calls and access to her and her team.
Psychologists, neuroscientists, as well as therapists,  have participated in her online programs and hail Lisa's approach to healing the reactive mind as groundbreaking. Her programs are the blueprints she used to help heal her own life. Graduates of The 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program are able to advance their personal development training by participating in Lisa's Master Class. To learn more about Lisa's online programs, books, and meditations you can visit https://www.lisaaromano.com