Mar 26, 2020

We Fear Death and Unknowns, not the Coronavirus

by Lisa A. Romano

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When the body feels like it is under attack, it launches its defenses. This is a wonderful, factory-built
pre-design that humans do not need to think about launching. The fight or flight system is divinely constructed and installed into the human brain by design.

I hope you are curious about the Master Designer. Just sayin’

When you hear a sudden loud noise, your brain recognizes this as a possible threat and as a result, your autonomic system will cause a chemical burst that will overwhelm your consciousness and cause physical movement. You may jump out of your chair and turn your head suddenly, and without thinking, towards the area where your brain has alerted you to where this sudden strange noise has come.

Over the airwaves, little nerves in your ears have sensed the sudden vibrations in your environment and at lightning speed have sent impulses to your brain and vice versa all in an attempt to keep you safe and alive. This, by the way, all takes place through the sea of vibrational energy you cannot see, taste or touch, but, if you allow yourself to do so, you can feel and become more sensitive to.

If when you look over your shoulder, you see a bear racing towards you, chances are you will run faster than you ever once thought possible. Or, you may even drop dead of a heart attack, not from the bear, but from the sudden rush of adrenaline into your bloodstream. Either way, the point is, YOU did not cause your body to respond the way it did. There was some other operation happening YOU did not have to think about that was designed to secure your chances of survival.

All by itself, without any input from YOU, your body is linked up to the matrix as are your brain, your thoughts, and your vibrations.
All by itself, without any input from YOU, your body fights off and defends your “system” with its own defense team, pharmaceutical company, and healing agents.

All by itself, without any input from YOU, your body knows when to jump out of its chair and run for the hills.

All by itself, without any instruction from YOU, your endocrine system pumps out extraordinary stress hormones to fuel your body’s need for additional oxygen to feed those racing muscles as you sprint for your life with the bear close behind.

There is so much the divine body does for us like, takes an apple and churns into a soup that then gets transported as vitamins and minerals to areas of our body that need it the most.


And we question miracles.

Silly humans 



Can you turn an apple into a vitamin or mineral and then get the cells of your intestines to open up, accept those particles and THEN transport them through cellular conveyor belts to the areas of the body that need it most?

Oh, wait...we need the pancreas to secrete just the right amount of insulin to do that.

I guess that is a NO.

You cannot do that, but your body, all by itself can!

The human vehicle is a walking miracle and when we feel attacked by an enemy like the Coronavirus, we can forget, fall below the veil of consciousness, devalue, criticize, minimize, and send our body all the wrong information emotionally, spiritually, physically, cognitively, and vibrationally that has it believing it is NOT ENOUGH.

We literally interrupt the divine system in place that has been designed to help us survive.

Okay, just for the record, I am NOT saying the Novel Coronavirus that seems to mutate at will, is nothing to be concerned about. What I AM saying is, for those with ears to hear this, we better do all we can to NOT slip below the veil of consciousness, and especially NOW. We better do all we can to send our body the message, “YOU ARE ENOUGH and I LOVE and BELIEVE in YOU, no matter what is happening outside of me.”

I am not a religious person. The God I believe in was not religious nor were there any man-made religions when the God that I believe in Created all that is. I do not intend to ruffle any feathers here. I am simply stating my personal belief and I do respect all beliefs of others, although, in my humble opinion, many beliefs are the products of ancient old beliefs of others, otherwise known as conditioning.

I digress.

Although I am not a religious person, I was raised in a religious household. I am thankful for the traditions that I was raised with and many of the experiences I had that eventually allowed me to formulate a perception of God that suits my logical brain as well as my emotional brain. One Church hymn that I particularly loved went something like,

“Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me and I will give you rest.”

Who and what am I following that could possibly give me rest now when someone in our family has the Coronavirus and is in critical condition, who might not make it? Who and what am I following that could calm the egos maddening desire to NOT die and to LIVE as if death was not our ultimate destiny anyway?

In quiet contemplation, I believe that the “I” I must follow that can offer me rest is the I AM within me.

The ethereal me, beyond my physical, perishable, human body, and the mental me, that is the product of decades, as well as centuries of defective human thought forms, and beyond the emotional me, that has for most of my life, viewed myself as less than and not enough, there is the holier me that is an extension of all that is.

The wiser me, the me separate from ego, fear, my human body, emotions, and thought-forms fears nothing.

The wiser me knows there is no beginning and there is no end.

Death, viewed through the eyes of ego and gripped by the hands of ego, pants and exhausts itself at the thought of failing to exist on this physical plane and yet, mortality is as real as birth and as valid, and necessary as well.

Most of us do not fear the Coronavirus. We fear death. We fear pain and suffering. We fear loss. We fear losing control. We fear the unknown. We fear our body is not enough. We fear not being able to do enough to ward off this perceived enemy. And so, our body cannot see the bear, yet it pumps out stress hormones as if it were laying in bed beside us, sleeping and on the verge of ripping us to pieces the moment its eyes twitch with wakefulness.

If anything can poke the bear of the narcissist that lies in wait in all of us, it is the fear of death and an excruciating death at that.

Being afraid of death is nothing to be ashamed of, but for your own spiritual growth, mental health, peace, and contentment, it is something you need to accept.

Those who do not fear death, and who accept leaving this plane as the end of one experience and the beginning of another, who recognize the life we live today is an experience, will not fear the Coronavirus as much as one whose ego has yet to surrender to the idea that it shall live here, in this body, on this plane only for a little while.

Ego runs from death.

Does not a narcissist run from death as well?

Narcissists refuse the death of the false self.

Narcissists white knuckle it through life, chasing the death of the false self, like the Coronavirus needing to consume the lives of others as a means to sustain its own life source. Narcissists live their lives running from death because their ego has no way of surrendering to grace. Grace to the ego of a narcissist is death. The ego believes death is the ultimate conqueror, a conqueror it must conquer.

Silly ego.

Okay, I need to say this as well.

IF you fear the Coronavirus, that does not make you a narcissist.

Like I said at the opening of this article, the human body was designed to survive and yes, fear death.

This means it is natural to fear something like the Coronavirus especially when the media is clamoring for your attention and lighting up your reptilian brain for the sake of advertising dollars. They want you hooked, addicted, and glued to the television and the easiest way to do that is to spark your most primitive fear, which is the fear of death.

However, what I am suggesting we all do is STOP and THINK. If we do not STOP and THINK, 🤔 our natural, organic, reptilian brains are going to overwhelm our minds, bodies, and lives in a way that will force us all into states of stress, which directly impacts the ability for our bodies to do what it was divinely designed to do.

In my humble opinion, narcissists are not aware.

They are limbic creatures, reacting to fear and threats very much like animals do through instincts rather than logic and reason.

Fear and especially mass fear has the potential to throw us all into the reptilian reactive brain, and thus turn us all into narcissists, worrying only about our own lives rather than taking into consideration the whole of humanity.

Once our bodies are taken over by primitive responses, the prefrontal lobe is knocked offline. The crown chakra is closed, divine infinite intelligence cannot be reached, and the primitive responses are in control. Ego, fear and self-preserving narcissism are in control.

Has humanity survived devastation throughout the ages as a direct result of such narcissistic responses to human threat, absolutely? But in 2020, I would hope we’d all explore more enlightened options.

Before long, if we are not careful, fear can take over and we may find ourselves slugging it out with our brothers and sisters in Costco over toilet paper and bottles of water, in spite of the fact that the world is abundant in toilet paper and water bottles. In a short amount of time, fear turns even the most docile creature into an unconscious, reactive, clawing creature, whose brain has been overtaken by a zombie virus motivated by a somewhat distorted view of life that excludes mortality as a natural and ultimate reality.

If we are not careful NOW, the very divine and autonomic responses that have allowed humans to survive for hundreds of thousands of years will consume us from the inside out.

What happens below happens above. If fear is consuming you from the inside, you will project this fear on the outside, and from there, like a forest fire, fear is ignited in others as well.

When we do not make peace with the bear, we interrupt our body's natural, organic, predesigned, miraculous ability to protect us from viruses, bacterias, and various pathogens. When we do not make peace with the bear, we create a false reality that has us living in a weird state of consciousness that avoids mortality as a reality. This unrealistic reality, then fuels and aggravates the egos desire to cling rather than surrender to grace.

When you make peace with the bear, fear diminishes, and you align yourself with healing chemicals, energies, and the natural order of life which is always abundant and yes, even in death.

When we hoard toilet paper, we tell our body, the universe and all that exists within it, “I believe in lack. I believe in scarcity. I believe my body is not enough. I believe in enemies. I believe I am not enough. I believe in fear. I must fear my brother and sisters not love them, not understand them, not wish well for them. I must only worry about me.”

Okay, now, I need to also make clear that fear is DIVINE when it is used appropriately and when the body and mind are permitted to fall back into a state of homeostasis quickly.

That is where living above the veil of consciousness, rather than with alligators and monkeys below the veil of consciousness needs to be a part of your DELIBERATE and CONSCIOUS FREE WILL SYSTEM!

The human body was NOT designed to STAY in a constant state of stress, which is why so many trauma survivors have heart conditions and other chronic health conditions later on in life. The stress hormones have debilitated the immune system over time.

"Come, follow me and I will give you rest."

If you follow the news, you will NOT rest. If you follow the media, you will NOT rest. However, if you go inside yourself and COMMUNE with your body, you will find rest. If you close your eyes and COMMUNE with your spiritual self, you will find rest. If you focus on your breath, which is the balancing force of life, you will find rest.

The “ME” you need to be following is the silent INNER YOU, which links you up and connects you to all that is.

Tell your body and the universe,
“I give permission for stress, negative thoughts, fears of lack, and death to leave me now.”

Refuse to allow the ultimate end to cause you to live in fear NOW. Accept the ultimate end, make peace with the bear, love the bear. The bear is not bad. The bear is simply part of the experience and an opportunity for you to know the glory of no longer living in fear.

What we resist persists, and the longer we live in fear, the longer we shall live in fear and the more we manifest bears.

The Coronavirus was once only transmitted from animal to animal. In time, it mutated and it became able to become transferred from animal to human. Today, the quirky bugger can now be transferred from human to human.

What the heck? How did that happen? What intelligence made that possible? That would be like me saying, I would like to be able to digest stainless steel now and poof, my body has now turned into a metal crushing machine.

If the Coronavirus can mutate, maybe we can too. Maybe our bodies can develop the ability to challenge this new strain just as easily as the virus itself has mutated.

Is this wishful thinking?

Of course, it is silly!

Who would have ever guessed a virus, all on its own could mutate in just two weeks in order to be able to be transferred from human to human vs animal to human and animal to animal?

But it has and what I want to believe is, the same intelligence that caused the Coronavirus to be so adaptable is alive and well in YOU and in ME!

"Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me, and I will give you rest."

Before you, me, the earth and the Coronavirus, there was God, or at least I think so. Before my human body, there was some spiritual me out there somewhere, connected and an extension of divinity. That essence is ALIVE within me and all I have to do is close my eyes, follow it, and I am able to find rest.

Dear One, follow the you that was you before you were the human you and you shall find rest.

Do your part. Be safe, smart, and wise. If you find yourself in fear, quickly silence your thoughts, and follow the inner you until you have found rest.

All my love,

Lisa A. Romano

Breakthrough Life Coach

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