Jun 26, 2020

When we HOLD onto anger, resentment, fear, guilt, it is our body that suffers

by Lisa A. Romano

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People who love themselves and who have learned the value of self-care ultimately understand how detrimental it is to NOT forgive the self or others.

When we HOLD onto anger, resentment, fear, judgment, guilt, or rage and we feel the need to punish others for what they have done to us, it is our body that is holding onto those hot coals. It is our gut that is churning with the fire of negative emotions and it is our soul that is prevented from ascending into higher realms of spirituality.

Yes of course, unconscious people can do bad and terrible things, and so can you and me. Every human being is both light and dark, but the goal is to evolve past the dark so we can heal our bodies through the power of our minds and integrate more fully, become more light-body activated and maybe even help others to do the same.

You are more space than you are anything and more energy than you are matter, therefore the space that holds the energy that you are must matter.

Self-care that ignores the releasing of fiery and negative emotions will never be able to permit your body or your mind to heal as fully as it possibly can.

When you choose to accept, validate, and release the anger, rage, resentment, fear, guilt, shame, and the need to persecute others for what they have done, not done, said, haven’t said and so on, you heal the energy blocks, as well as the inflammation that has been blocking your body’s ability to heal itself.

Deny, ignore, suppress, persecute, retaliate, judge, complain, or accept, surrender, talk it out, cry it out, journal it out, release, let go, forgive.

Get sick, stay sick, get sicker, devolve, struggle, stay stuck, stay confused, attract more anger, or meditate, walk, talk, express, shutty-shutty, allow, swim, paint, sleep, laugh, let go, heal, forgive, release, live with a compassionate heart, heal, evolve.

Those are the choices we have.

May you choose wisely.