Jun 03, 2021

Pay attention to how you feel

by Lisa A. Romano

#codependency adult child childhood feelings
When you are raised to believe and to feel that your emotions are irrelevant and or invalid, your mind becomes conditioned to deny gut instincts, red flags, boundary crossing and even your sadness, loneliness, and unhappiness. When life as a child is all about the chaotic adults that raise you, your little mind is wired to NOT pay attention to how you feel.
I wish I understood how important it was to acknowledge my unhappiness. I wish I knew that acclimating to unhappiness is like succumbing to living inside a volcano.
I had a right to say, “No, STOP, I am DONE, and I am Unhappy” but because I was raised to believe my emotions were invalid, I did not know how to validate my emotions.
Today, I am learning to honor my intuition, and to observe my emotions and the energy indicators they are. While I don’t react to every emotion, I no longer ignore when my body tells me I am in the wrong place, sharing with the wrong person, and offering energy in places that behave like vacuums.
When I know I am unhappy, I know I have a responsibility to change something so I might get back into alignment.