Dec 27, 2019

Wounded Adults -- Children Stuck in Time -- Healing our Dependency Upon Others -- Lisa A Romano

by Lisa A. Romano

adult children of alcoholics codependency recovery narcissistic parent

When we are codependent we do not realize that our sense of balance, peace, safety, and identity is reliant upon someone or something outside of us.

We are 'attached' to the idea that someone or something or some experience is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness.

It could be our looks, our weight, our hair, our career, our standing in a church, community or organization -- it could be our relationship status -- it could be a spouse -- a child -- friends -- a boss -- coworker -- or a career we falsely presume is the source of our happiness or identity or our misery.

When we are codependent, our ideas are confused and our neural pathways are short. We do not realize we are children in adult bodies and suffering from decades of abandonment.

We are in the habit of abandoning the self, the inner child, our bodies, and stay stuck in loops of dysfunctional reactionary behavior.

We make other people our God or our executioner and we are unaware as to the power we hold within ourselves.

Adult children of alcoholics, narcissists, aloof, neglectful and or abusive parents have not had a fair shake!

We grow up seeking love, validation, approval, safety, and protection from others on the outside and are unconscious as to how we approach life from behind the eight-ball.

We anger easily, fall into depression easily, get attached easily, feel wounded easily, and although we might be six feet tall, on the inside we feel like we can barely see over the kitchen counter.

We ache to love and to be loved and no matter where we turn, ultimately we re-experience childhood abandonment over and over again.

In the new year, commit yourself to find the road back to YOU!

In the new year, teach yourself and your children the value of working through your painful past.

In the new year, transform yourself from being co-dependent to independent and interdependent.

In the new year, heal the inner child within, fall in love with the abandoned part of you, and learn to think and live like the ENOUGH adult you are!

You got this!

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