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Journaling helped me finally understand why I was stuck, felt invisible, and never felt worthy of love. I had no clue, feeling abandoned as a child caused me to abandon myself. Today, I help wounded adults discover the parts of themselves they may have denied for the sake of keeping other people happy, or for fear of being abandoned. When I finally learned to love my inner child, I understood I was always enough. It was never me, it was just my programming. 

“You cannot fix a hole in the wall that you cannot see.”

Many of us run from, ignore, suppress and deny our pain. Our inner child aches, yet we pretend this is not the case. Rather than empathize with our inner child, far too often we do our best to pretend we are not hurting. When we learn to listen and focus on connecting with our inner child, negative energy shifts, and we begin the process of integration. Finally, we learn to stop abandoning the self. 

What Can You Expect?

Daily Lesson

Each day for 21 days, you will receive a new lesson specifically designed to help you uncover negative false beliefs about yourself. You really are enough, but your inner child might not believe that. 

Journaling Prompts

I have crafted specific journaling exercises including prompts and sentence completion work to help you reconnect with your wounded inner child who has only ever wanted to be seen, validated, heard and loved. 


This entire adventure is about you learning to look within for answers. Learn to honor your inner child, as the silent and nonjudgmental witness. Stop ignoring your inner child and instead, learn to honor your truth. 

Self Love Checklist

Use the Self Love Checklist and worksheets to help you keep yourself accountable to your divine inner child. Learn to make loving your self a daily priority with this checklist and worksheet.


Validate Your Inner Child

If you have been raised to believe that what you feel is wrong, bad, irrelevant, or unworthy, as an adult, you might bypass the very emotions you need to help you navigate the world in a healthy way. On this adventure, I will coach you on how to validate and honor the inner child you may have been conditioned to ignore. Learning to understand why it may be difficult for you to set boundaries, speak your truth or honor yourself helps to heal the types of faulty beliefs that keep so many wounded adult children stuck! Be prepared to learn how to honor yourself in a whole new way!

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When I stopped denying my emotions and instead I began to look within, my life changed. Learning to understand why I felt unworthy and sucked at speaking my truth, offered me the pieces of the puzzle I spent decades looking for. 

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As you heal, you will uncover deeper truths. As a result,  your answers might change over time, so be sure to reflect back on the personal discoveries you learn along the way as you take this adventure as often as you wish. 

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